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Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor
Shooting Orcs Of Mordor


Shooting Orcs of Mordor
This ultimate FPS challenge demands your aggressive combat skills

Wield epic weapons, collect crucial perks and defeat treacherous new enemies in the intense world of Shooting Orcs of Mordor. This revolutionary game pits you against ultimate enemies amidst breathtaking but deadly landscapes. Discover a world full of diverse challenges while enjoying easy pad-based controls that let you focus on the battle ahead. This is undoubtedly the most exciting FPS game you'll download!


In order to bring you the best experience possible, Shooting Orcs of Mordor has levels that are intensly MASSIVE. We jam-packed each level with unbeatable enemies, challenging landscapes, and extensive artillery to locate and utilize. Because of this, load time can often take awhile…

Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review, after all, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience.


A feared warrior, your crusades have taken you all over the realms. You've made numerous enemies. As your renowned grows, so your enemies too become ever aware of your might and dominance over their realms. In a maelstrom of hate and revenge, your enemies bombard your battalion. Although you fight valiantly, you are vastly outnumbered and your fall is swift, but before your enemy can deliver the killing blow, a mystery sorceress makes a grand appearance and a portal is opened, sucking you into its endless depths. Just as you fear you might spend eternity in this spiraling freefall, you are deposited in a craggy deserted wasteland, best depicted in ancient tapestries as the tortured hereafter of doomed souls. Alone and wary, you roam the vast caverns of this underworld when the mysterious sorceress appears once more. You attempt to draw your weapon, but you find you have no defense, all your weapons were left behind with the living. You As she stands in stony silence, you demand of her the fee she has charged for sparing your life. With even tones you are informed you will be returning to earth, but as a soul banned from the body the Creators gave you. Instead, soul will be given a new form, a new beginning, middle and end, but to achieve this history, the present and hope for a future, you will complete for her a quest to destroy a clan of magic elders who seek to overthrow her reign in the afterlife. Without allowing you to question a word she has said, you are transported to a mountain cave where you are immediately set upon by raiders. This is merely the beginning of your quest. You will journey through the rough and unforgiving caverns of an ancient land before your final battle will bring you to the enchanted forest which will become the arena that will either ensure your continued existence in the mortal realm... or a permanent chamber in the bleak and unforgiving eternity of the dead.

In Shooting Orcs of Mordor you will need to utilize your every skill, think quick and create winning strategies against enemies. With three challenging maps to explore and dominate, this first person shooter action game delivers the ultimate fight for your life. The fast-paced game scene demands aggressive combat skills as you will be faced with great armies of barbarians that only increase in numbers as you journey through each map. Download for FREE today and begin collecting weapons, scouting ammo, amassing health and speed pickups and battling mighty enemy fighters to the death.

Game Features:
*Ultimate enemy variety
*Melee and firearm weaponry
*Extreme hand-to-hand combat
*Speed, ammo and health pickups
*Classic cube-style graphics
*Entity map

NOTE: Shooting Orcs of Mordor is not associated with Minecraft, nor any of its skins, textures or characters.

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Shooting Orcs Of Mordor

Shooting Orcs Of Mordor

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