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SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo
SIC43N1x Demo


This application is used to configure SIC43N1/SIC43N1F ICs developed by Silicon Craft Technology Ltd. (SIC). The SIC43N1/N1F is a NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant and ISO14443A-2/-3 compliant, guaranteeing timing compatibility in all responses and anti-collision for UID seeking process. Beyond the ISO specification, response timing and response code is carefully designed to ensure compatibilities in most existing installed system through rigorous field trial.

The total EEPROM memory is 1k-byte, which can be configured in 3 versions i.e. 144 bytes, 888 bytes, or 944 bytes. The rest of memory is provided to user for customer. The EEPROM performance is designed up to 100,000 erase/write cycle endurance and data retentions are up to 10 years.

The SIC43N1 is an NFC Type 2 Tag IC with NDEF-supported and memory-size configuration (144/888/944 bytes). SIC43N1 provides security features such as password protection and a limitation on password guessing.

In addition, the SIC43N1F comes with an RF Field Detection Pin which can generate signals to ‘wake up’ another device from its sleep mode when the RF field is in close proximity.

The RF Field Detection Pin can also be configured as a Tamper Detection Pin as a safeguard against tampering attempts.

See demos on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/SiliconCraft

Main features of SIC43N1/N1F
- NFC forum type 2 tag
- Write/Read through NFC/RFID-reader device
- Flexible memory size (944 / 888 / 144 bytes)
- Password protection

Applications of SIC43N1/N1F
- Smart Poster
- NFC Sticker
- NFC business card
- Ticket
- NFC wakeup devices/appliances
- Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
- Anti-tampering stickers/labels (SIC43N1F only)

See more details at
SIC43N1 - http://www.sic.co.th/product.php?product=136&category=6&name=SIC43N1
SIC43N1F - http://www.sic.co.th/product.php?product=137&category=6&name=SIC43N1F

The application only supports NFC SIC43N1/SICN1F ICs from Silicon Craft Technology.

Please contact support@sic.co.th if you have problems or feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for additional features. This helps us to detect, analyze and fix possible issues you may encounter when using our demo application.

Version 1.0
Updated on Jan 7, 2015

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SIC43N1x Demo

SIC43N1x Demo

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