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Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver
Sim Emergency Driver


In this crazy emergency rescue simulator you will take on several driving jobs that will test your skills as you save the city’s people.

You will start as a rookie ambulance driver and you can progress your career by successfully transporting accident victims to the hospital.

Emergency racing
Listen to your 911 calls through your scanner and rush to the scene in this cool simulation game. Carefully park your vehicle near the accident scene and safely load your patient on board. Hit the highway and navigate through the open city using your navigation system. Be as quick as you can, but be careful for roadblocks, debris and other obstacles as you traverse the city streets. Avoid other traffic and make sure your patient is comfortable. Improve your parking skills and save valuable time by not overstepping your mark. Doctors and nurses will be on the scene to offload your patient. Drive, become a king in saving people and provide first aid. You will be ready for the next challenge!

become a fire fighter
Perform your duty well and you will have the opportunity to join the fire department. Here you will have to drive a big ladder truck and aim your firehose to put out the many fires. Like many great heroes that work in the fire department you will have to overcome dangerous situations that can be life threatening. Can you control your nerves?

- Try to anticipate the apex of tight corners to save valuable time
- Try parking your fire engine as close to the emergency scene as possible to effectively tackle the blaze
- Switch between first and third person settings to experience the freedom of helicopter view or experience the real fireman driver experience by looking through the wind screen
- Aim your hose carefully and focus on hot parts of buildings
- Extend your ladder carefully to help people in need

★ Become the ultimate hero as you fight hot blaze and smoke
★ Explore a vast interactive city with simple one touch controls
★ Sound your siren
★ Save trapped people from burning buildings
★ Avoid backdrafts by cooling oxygen deprived areas first
★ Become the department’s fireman by racing to the scene in time
★ Battle the inferno by aiming your hose
★ Use your fire-axe to save kids and toddlers
★ Both in-car first person view as well as third person views available
★ Beautiful, crisp HD visuals
★ Built with Unity 3D

Future levels and scenarios
- Police missions (racing, chasing, heists, cops vs robbers, pursuit and surveillance missions)
- Airport simulation missions (disasters, fires, prisoner transports and medical emergency missions)
- SWAT missions, lead you men and capture armed crooks to keep the city safe
- Save a mother and her baby from a demolished building caused by a major earthquake
- Pilot a heli to transport donor organs to the hospital and be in time for the emergency surgery
- Chase down cars in response of traffic violations
- Unblock a patient’s clearance and help him breathe again
- Unlock type of emergency cars
- Nvidia Shield support

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Sim Emergency Driver

Sim Emergency Driver

Action & Simulation Entertainment


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