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Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)
Smart Gallery (Open Source)


Organize your photos and make your memories more valuable.
Bunch of unorganized photos. Planning on organizing them someday?
Smart Gallery helps you organize them right now. Just a few flicks and you’re all done!
Can not find the photo you are looking for? Wants to search for similar images?
Smart Gallery can find photos with similar objects by a single click!
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This is a smart image recognition and organization gallery app based on artificial intelligence.This app can recognize tens of thousands of categories, objects, and tags in any image and photo.

- Automatic photo organizer sorts and manages your photos; making it easy to find the exact moment you’re looking for.
- Use tags to create personal albums by labeling groups of photos as “family”, “pets”, “friends” and 1000 more tags automatically.
- Search for similar photos in your album by using the easy search function based on semantic similarity.
- 2 directional flick gesture; tagging a image while browsing your album and gallery.
- View your favorite tagged photos separately.
- Access camera from within the app and tag the photo taken by the camera automatically.

Tags will be automatically generated for you when you browse the unorganized photos.
You can view different categories in the app's gallery or search for similar images use the search function.
Images can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, MoMo easily.
As a photo organization app, it is a good complementary app to photo editor and picture collage apps.

Service Provider:
This is app is developed based on the Clarifai API. Clarifai is an advanced image recognization algorithm based on Brain's structure. It automatically recognize your image and create tags. The number of API access is limited. To know more about Clarifai, please visit http://clarifai.com/

Clarifai is pushing the limits of practical artificial intelligence. The image recognition systems held the top 5 spots for classifying objects in images in the ImageNet 2013 competition among Google and many other competitors. Optimized systems go even further, achieving lower error rates at 10x the speed with 1/5th of the memory footprint.

Network and privacy:
We understand there is a constant battles and wars between easy to use functionality and privacy. We will not store your images on our server. The images will be send directly to our service provider Clarifai to retrieve the tags and then removed. The service is fully automated without any possible human intervention. If you experience any connection problem it might be that our services provider or server is having some problems. Please try again or come back later. The tags of your images are stored locally on your phone. So you can continue to use the app in offline mode.

We would love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our Photo Organizer app! Send questions and suggestions to trustswz@gmail.com.

Open Source:
This is an open source project (https://github.com/trustswz/SmartGallery), if you are interested in contributing, please send a message with possibly your CV to trustswz@gmail.com.

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Smart Gallery (Open Source)

Smart Gallery (Open Source)

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