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Smart Plants (Beta)
Smart Plants (Beta)
Smart Plants (Beta)
Smart Plants (Beta)
Smart Plants (Beta)


The worlds first and only WiFi-based ARMMORPG.

In ancient times smart plants used to cover the surface of this planet. They would talk to each other through vast networks of root systems and would protect the environment. Humans and smart plants lived in a symbiotic relationship, with most humans unaware of the existence of smart plants because they are invisible.

A few hundred years ago, everything changed. The Illuminati discovered a way to detect the smart plants. They infiltrated our governments and manipulated us into building cities on top of the highest concentrations of smart plants. As a result, the forests have been dying. Can you help save them?

This is an augmented reality MMO game. It will use your GPS and wifi to show you things you would not be able to see otherwise. (No data plan required.) Go explore your neighborhood and see what you can find!

* Move in game by moving around the real world.
* Find items.
* Plant trees.
* Gain levels.
* Upgrade your trees or use them to produce energy packs.
* See other people's trees.
* Map out the free WiFi near you.

Planned features:
* More items.
* Give items to or help other players.
* Build things in the trees.(maybe tree houses?)
* Tech tree.
* Trading post.
* Better graphics.

***The game is currently in Beta.*** We may need to limit the number of new signups to keep the load on the server manageable. If you find any problems with the game, please report them to egressivetech@gmail.com. Thanks.

Note: You will be asked to log in when you first start the game. It is so that you don't need to start over from scratch if you get a new phone or otherwise clear your phone's storage. We use an existing Google account because we don't want to have to deal with lost passwords. We do not request any permissions on the account other than to authenticate to the App Engine backend. We will never ask for your password.

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Smart Plants (Beta)

Smart Plants (Beta)

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