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Smart Unit Converter
Smart Unit Converter
Smart Unit Converter
Smart Unit Converter


Smart Unit Converter is a simple and user friendly converter application that helps you convert all commonly used units. Smart Unit Converter is our first release and we have kept it light. We’ve limited our units for conversion to improve your user experience. We have both the 1 to 1 unit converter as well as the quick list view on the same page to help reduce navigation. Smart Converter is designed to be fast, accurate, light, appealing and user friendly. Any suggestion to make it better is always welcome.

The units available are categorized under:
1. Distance and Length Converter
2. Area Converter
3. Capacity and Volume Converter
4. Mass and Weight Converter
5. Temperature Converter
6. Speed Converter
7. Time Converter
8. Computer Storage Converter
9. Data Transfer Converter
10. Density Converter
11. Acceleration Converter
12. Power Converter
13. Energy Converter
14. Pressure Converter
15. Circular Motion Converter
16. Torque Converter

A surprise package has been included into this app – Ratio Analysis. This is mainly for the commerce students, bankers and small-time investors. We have selected a few of the key information from any income statements &balance sheets based on which financial ratios would get calculated. This app helps you assess the key ratios required to evaluate any books of accounts.

How to use Ratio Analysis:
1. Click on “Finance” Tab
2. Input available data onto the input screen.
3. Once all relevant data are keyed in, click on “Compute” button to see the common ratios
4. If any input variable is left blank, the relevant ratio will not get calculated
5. Click on “Reset” button to all data from the input screen

The “Others” segment: This is our way of understanding your needs. If there are any converters or calculators you wish to see, write to us. We’ll see to it that it’s included into this “Others” segment. We already have a few ideas in mind – eg: health calculators, finance calculators, age calculator, world time calculator, etc…

Request you to be generous while viewing the ads.

Keywords: Converter, Unit Converter, Ratio Analysis, Finance, Conversion

The Coder: Naveen Raphy
The Designer: Amal Joseph
The Consultant: Tony Antony

Keywords: bosch drill automotive tools bq drills power drill
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Smart Unit Converter

Smart Unit Converter

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