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SmarTest is a mobile based test engine that operates over the Cloud. The App works on any Android based mobiles, tablets or desktops. Although it is primarily developed for helping GMAT, GRE, CAT, MAT and SAT participants in practising their course content on the go, the tool can be used for skill development in any area, not necessarily limited to these categories.

Content providers (publishers) who specialize in one or more areas, can logon to the SmarTest cloud at (www.mobit.co.in) and publish their questions which can be purchased and practiced by end user through the app. Once purchased any further updates to the tests/questions will be automatically synced up with the end user devices.

The test engine supports multiple test types and question types.

Supported Test types:

1. Practice Test: A practice test is primarily meant to be used as a tool to promote the quality of the content a provider is likely to publish in other types of tests. It is expected to be priced for free or an extremely low price.

A sample test allows the user to navigate back and forth during the test. The user can take the test and once completed he can view the analysis for each question. There is no comparative ranking or performance evaluation provided.

2. Adaptive Test: As the name suggests, in an adaptive test, the test starts with average complexity and as the user attempts the questions, the test engine increases or decreases the complexity of the following questions based on the ability of the test taker. The publishers will have to provide the complexity of each question along with all other details.

The user will be provided a relative ranking across all the test takers for the first test. The user is allowed to re-take the same test - for his/her own practise - with the same set of downloaded questions.

Although it is proposed to price an Adaptive test at $2.00 per test, the content providers can always choose to price it appropriately as they wish.

3. Teaser Test: The teaser tests are synced up on a daily basis with few more additional questions as published by the content provider. Every time the user retakes the questions in a teaser test, he/she will be given the new set of questions download from SmarTest cloud. Once attempted the question can be reviewed to understand the detailed analysis, but not allowed to re-take.

The tool provides the user a graphical bar chart view of the daily progress (up to 30 days) of his performance based on his daily scores.

The pricing for a teaser test works on monthly subscription model. The content providers can choose to decide the monthly price of the test. It is suggested to price them as low as $1.00 or $2.00 per month so it is impulsive enough for the end users to try.

4. Flash Cards: The flash card, as the name suggests, provides the detailed information about a word or a formula or a specific concept. The flash cards can be one time download.

5. Daily Flash Cards: The daily flash cards, are quite similar to the regular flash cards and are updated on a daily basis like the teasers. The updates are automatically synced up to the end user’s device

Supported Question Types :

Answer options: SmarTest currently supports multiple choice questions with one or more permitted answers per question. The content providers, while publishing the question, define whether the user is allowed to pick a single answer or more.

Character support: All special characters that can be typed by user and also the mathematical symbols like Pi, alpha, gamma, lambda, square, square root etc (all UTF-8 characters) are all supported

Image support: Each question can contain an image that will be displayed on top of the question while the user is taking the test.

The analysis of the question can contain another image - different from the question image – that will be displayed with the analysis, instead of the question image.

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