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SMS & MMS Search and Delete
SMS & MMS Search and Delete
SMS & MMS Search and Delete
SMS & MMS Search and Delete


A fast and convenient app for search and cleanup SMS and MMS messages. Works on all versions of Android starting from Gingerbread (2.3), including KitKat (4.4), Marshmallow (6.0) and above.

Can handle tens of thousands of messages. Deletes thousand of messages in 5 minutes (depends on the total number of messages).

You can use the app to quickly search and delete old, unnecessary or spam SMS and MMS messages.

Starting from Android 4.4, message removal can only be performed by the application registered in the system as the main SMS sending app. Therefore, the system will ask you to temporarily make 'SMS Search and Delete' the default app for sending SMS messages prior to proceeding with message removal. Please respond affirmatively. After we finish removing SMS messages, we will reset the settings to their default values.

All features of the app is available for free. In-app purchase to disable ads.

Possible problems and remedies for them:

1. If you have accumulated a large number of text messages, Android may not be able to handle deleting them. If the application hangs up or terminates with an error while deleting the messages, you may have to do a full deletion of all SMS text messages. To do this, use the menu option "Delete All SMS"

2. If after deleting the text messages they are still displayed in your SMS application, it may be necessary to reload the messages:
• For Textra, choose the menu option Settings -> About -> Resync Textra
• For Mood Messenger, choose the menu option Settings -> Advanced -> Resync Mood with system sms/mms database
Handcent NextSMS uses its own database to store SMS text messages. The only way to synchronize the deleted text messages is to reinstall Handcent Next SMS (completely remove the application and reinstall it)
• For other apps try to execute "Reload Sms Application" command from "Troubleshooting" menu.

3. If none of the methods listed help, please report the problem to us and indicate the name of the SMS application you use.

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SMS & MMS Search and Delete

SMS & MMS Search and Delete

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