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Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017
Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017


Are you a fan of VR device ? Flipwired Games is here to quench your thirst for VR shooting and sniper games. Packed with amazing 3D visuals, Sniper VR Shooting is a virtual reality shooter game that is going to leave you dazzled for hours. Sniper VR Shooting is designed for the people who love sniper games, VR games and shooting games. Go ahead download it now and get one of the best VR shooter games on the Play Store! This game is especially designed for people who love new VR games. Situated in different urban environments, this sniper VR game is bound to give you the hard time as you see 3D mafia trying to get rid of you in your VR Cardboard.

FlipWired 3D Games brings you an out-class FPS Sniper Shooting Game, the Stealth Sniper, go ahead, grab your secret sniper rifle, take a deep breath, aim AND shoot to kill in this cold war! Bringing you the best sniper war game, Stealth Sniper Shooter 3D Free revolves around an assassin sniper shooter who is given missions to eradicate terrorists from the face of the Earth! Get ready to be the hunter assassin and hunt criminals and terrorists! If you a fan of FPS sniper shooter games, animal hunting and dinosaur hunting games, then this is the best assassin killer game you can ask for! This first person sniper shooting action game will throw you in the midest of battle of the assassin, in the sniper war, with a marksman rifle, ready to hunt enemies in the death war, on the frontline of the guerilla of the sniper vs mafia warefare! Use all your assassin sniper battle skills in this shooting action game to bring down your enemies!
If you are a fan of war games, hunter games, in which you kill enemies with deadly headshot, then you have to download this sniper shooting game FREE! With more than 15 levels, with varying difficulty, this action gun shooter game gives you a blend of third person shooter and first person shooting! You can switch between the FPS Shooter and TPS modes, switch to the FPS Sniper Battle and Shoot to Kill in this Marksman Battle OR switch to the TPS to Take Cover and avoid the dangerous kill shot of the enemies!

Episode 1:
Episode 1 has 5 missions. Your job is to take down the criminal base packed with gangster. Having beaten the police force, they think they can't be brought under the law. You are on a secret mission handed over by the police task force, carry out an insurgent operation and take them all down! Time for a Sniper vs Mafia and Sniper vs Crime battle!

Episode 2:
Episode 2 is also packed with 5 missions. This time you move against dangerous terrorist shooters! They have kidnapped various high level hostages and you're tasked with freeing them. So get ready, because this time its Sniper Vs Terrorists. Remember, these terrorists are well trained in the art of combat and will annihilate you if you're not careful. Go make deplete them.

Episode 3:
As you progress to the 3rd episode, you're again tasked with 5 missions. This time the forces of crime have joined up, its a hideout featuring both terroists and mafia gangsters. Time to take the game to the next level and take them all down! Don't leave a single terrorist or mafia gangster standing! After you're done taking them down, the Boss Sniper will come. Make sure you hide before firing. He will deplete your life.

Game Features:
- HD 3D Graphics
- Mesmerizing Visual Effects of Bullets Flying
- Best 3D Sound Effects
- Best Marksman Game Play
- Realistic Marksman Simulation Experience
- Addictive Story Line of the Bravo Soldier
- Realistic FPS Game (First Person Shooting)
- Dual Modes, FPS Shooting and TPS (Third Person Shooting)
- Addictive Storyline of Stealth Shooting
- Multiple Secret Assassin Missions with Intelligent Enemies
- Health Packs and Ammo Packs

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Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017

Sniper Shooting VR Games 2017

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