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Sofia Carnival Adventure
Sofia Carnival Adventure
Sofia Carnival Adventure


Once upon a time in a far away village named corn village. The village was famous in producing large quantity of corns and hence was named so. The ruler of the village was a cruel king named “The Pop King”. All the corns produced were considered the evil kings property and nothing was given to the farmers. In the village lived a poor farmer family who also used to grow corns for their living. The farmer had a daughter named Sofia. A sweet little girl, very wise and at the same time was very witty. The family never got a chance to eat popcorns whereas Sofia loved corns as she used to stole some from the farm land and pop them up to make pop corns. But as we know that all good things come to an end, so happened with Sofia.

One day she was caught stealing corns by the King’s servant. She was punished and kept in cage. A few days later, popcorn village organized a carnival for all the nearby villages. The highlight of the carnival was popcorns. As Sofia got to know about the carnival and her favorite popcorns she planned her escape. Now she was free to explore a whole new world of adventures. To catch more of popcorn fun, download the new game Sofia carnival adventure.

The game is designed for all age groups including preschool kids (Parental guidance is advised for kids to understand the game play). Apart from the interesting concept of this game it offers you creative and excellent graphics. The music of the game is so lively that you can actually feel the adventure.

The game is based on collecting as much as popcorns as you can. you can’t eat them but you can surely boost up your score and shop for Powerups from the in-house shop store. To make the game more interesting we have designed obstacles and hurdles in the game.

How to play:
The one touch control of this game makes it very easy and simple to play. Place your thumb on the screen and now tap the screen to make the character fly high. Remember to maintain the touch on the screen or else the she will bang on land. It’s just your thumbs control over the screen and you are playing it right.

We hope you will love the concept, our excellent graphics and interesting game play.

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Sofia Carnival Adventure

Sofia Carnival Adventure

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