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Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K
Space Battleship 2048K


Jump aboard Space Battleship 2048K for an exciting turn-based game in space. Play with friends or random opponents, deploy your air fleet and launch just one attack or many at once. Refine strategy to improve your rank or use special weapons to become a hero-legend in this classic naval warfare game variant.

Place your ships and attack!
Tap and drag to place your air fleet on a 10x10 space grid. Wait for opponent to join the battle and then hit by tapping on the enemy grid until the last ship is burst into pieces!

Invite friends for a thrilling space warfare
Connect with Facebook to invite friends for a battle in outer space or find them by their nickname. Short of friends? Challenge random opponents to keep on playing with real people! Space Battleship 2048K is turn-based multiplayer only!

Amazing Graphic Effects
Dramatic explosions are a must in this galaxy battleship. You’ll never get enough of them!

Special weapons to defeat your enemies
Use radar to target your opponent’s ships or hit your enemies with an explosive meteor shower. Special weapons are always at your finger. Improve your rank and get them all!

Become a hero-legend in space
The more battles you win, the more point experience you gain.That’s the recipe to improve your rank and win this space variant of a classic board game!

Play on Multiple Devices
You know what? Signing up to Space Battleship 2048K lets you play the game on multiple devices without loosing your save data and in-app purchases. Cool, isn't it?

Stay Tuned
Follow #sbs2048k to share your experience as a fighter in outer space!

Official website: www.ketchapp.mobi
Facebook: facebook.com/KetchApp.Mobi
Twitter: @KetchAppMobi

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.
BATTLESHIP® and BATTLESHIPS are registered trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.
Space Battleship 2048K is not made, sponsored, or licensed by Hasbro, Inc. and KetchApp Int. is not affiliated with Hasbro, Inc.

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Space Battleship 2048K

Space Battleship 2048K

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