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Splittable - Split Bills
Splittable - Split Bills
Splittable - Split Bills
Splittable - Split Bills


Split bills, track expenses and see who pays for what in your apartment with Splittable, the only budget tool and finance tracker created to help you and your roommates track costs and manage expenses.

Budgeting your apartment should be easy. Make your Android device your personal debt manager and expense tracker with Splittable. Apartment budgeting is simple with a clean timeline interface that tracks which expenses have been paid by whom, and when. Each roommate’s expenses are tracked in the “All Squared Meter”, and the expense manager keeps track of incremental payments for you. Save your apartment the confusion; let Splittable do the math.

This budget planner makes splitting your home budget easier than ever. Splittable lets you split bills and all other apartment expenses amongst you and your roommates with ease. With Splittable’s finance tracker, every roommate can see how much they owe and track everyday shared expenses like rent, bills, groceries or even trips and nights out.

Stress less. Live more.

All Squared Meter - Make Sure Everyone Pays Their Share
- Bill tracker and notifications make sure you’re “All Squared” with your roommates
- Home budgets are visualized in a fresh, easy-to-read meter for a better understanding of your finances
- Split bills, track expenses and let our app manage your home
- Pay bills and watch as Splittable automatically adjusts your apartment’s dues

Track Costs and Split Bills Fairly
- Budgeting apartments doesn’t have to suck. Whether you share with just one housemate, or a gaggle, Splittable makes keeping track of who-pays-for-what easy.
- Split bills with roommates immediately, even before they download Splittable
- The “All Squared” money planner shows you who still owes what
- Monthly budget planner means you’re never out of pocket with Splittable

Expense Manager - Track Your Home’s Finances
- Finance tracker lets you view all house costs and payments at the click of a button, so you know where your finances stand
- Household budgeting has never been easier with our monthly budget planner. Input any cost and see who needs to pay what.
- Track costs, both big and small
- Manage bills like rent, utilities, Internet or even everyday expenses like food and drink
- Debt manager automatically notifies your roommates of changes to shared expenses

Payment Timeline - A Home Budget Timeline Just for Your Apartment
- View the payment history of all your roommates
- Visualise your payments and expenses on a simple timeline
- Budgeting notifications tell you when it’s time to pay up or get paid
- Bill manager shows precise details of each roommate’s payments

Bills Manager Lets You Customize Your Payments
- Split bills in custom amounts
- Monthly bills and other recurring payments are easy to create and track
- Budget tool includes more than just rent - split utilities, bills, mortgage, and other expenses, with unique categories for each
- Splittable and “All Squared” are the perfect monthly planner for all of your recurring payments

Use Splittable’s unique online finance tracker and debt manager to take control of your home, and throw away your calculator. Track and manage your household budget, bills and personal expenses, and avoid awkward conversations when it comes time to pay up.

Splittable’s finance calculator makes every rent payment and night out simple. Split bills flexibly and keep track of all of your apartment expenses. Stress less and live more with the only home budget manager and finance tracker made for sharing expenses with roommates.

For more information on our household money manager and budgeting tool, visit: Splittable.co

Don’t be shy; hit us up on Twitter (http://bit.ly/1GzolQt) and Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1EGrZel). Send us your comments, questions, pictures and stories- we would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to use the tag #splittable.

If you need help, have questions, or just want to say “Hi”, please email us on hello@splittable.co

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Splittable - Split Bills

Splittable - Split Bills



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