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Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game
Sports Puzzle Game


Free Sports Puzzle Game is an excellent game for all sports fans – find your favorite sport image: football, basketball, boxing, tennis, water polo, Formula 1, extreme sky diving, horse riding, billiards, motor racing, gymnastics, athletics, car racing etc.; pick your level of difficulty (9-100 pieces), tap the play button and start matching all the pieces together in order to get the big puzzle picture! When you complete the "sports jigsaw puzzle", you can choose the option to save the image to your gallery, and to use it as a background image later – obtain all "sports wallpapers and backgrounds" now and customize your home screen like no one else!
Train your memory – play "Sports Puzzle Game" and try to get the exact image without hitting the pause button!

★ Twenty beautiful "sports puzzles" divided into two free collections – more coming soon!
★ Ten images, unlock a new sports picture every day.
★ You can save the photos you like and use them as background images;
★ Dimensions of boards - 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.
★ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles.
★ Every game is different: various piece shapes every time.
★ Move pieces in groups!
★ Save all puzzles in progress – work on several of them at the same time.
★ Use pause button if you want to see the whole picture or to save your progress.
★ No in-app purchases – all of the "sport puzzles" are completely free!
★ You can play these “puzzles without WiFi” - nothing can stop you to play this very fun and highly addictive game!

Download for free this amazing 2014/2015 puzzle game - little kids, preschool kids, teens and adults will all love these "football puzzles", "basketball puzzles" and other – obtain Sports Puzzle Game and enjoy this extremely "fun puzzles for adults game for free" and jigsaw puzzles for kids with free download!
Pick one of the following sports picture to solve:
Football jigsaw puzzle – football team image, stadium, football ball;
Basketball puzzle game;
Boxing puzzle picture;
Pool: Billiards balls;
Horse riding;
Tennis pictures: tennis ball;
Extreme racing sports: Car racing – Formula 1 / Motor racing / ATV racing / mountain biking/ ;
Water surfing;
Gymnastics puzzle;
Chess puzzle picture free;
Sky diving;
Water polo picture;
Come on, download this amazing sports puzzle box and show your expertise – play these jigsaws like a pro! Maybe you cannot achieve the highest score in sports but you can in this Sports Puzzle Game! Start playing easy puzzles for kids with 9 pieces, and move on to the next level until you reach the difficult puzzles for adults with 100 pieces.
These jigsaws are not only fantastic brain teasers, time killers and memory games but also great educational games: do some brain exercise, improve your observation and cognitive skills, as well as visual perception and ability to concentrate!
Besides all this, you can also save these pictures and decorate your screen with basketball photo backgrounds, “football wallpapers”, racing wallpapers, extreme sports wallpaper and many other images.
All you have to do to obtain all this is to download Sports Puzzle Game free of charge - a “jigsaw puzzle” for tablets and phones without in-app purchases! Take this “sports app” for kids and adults and you'll have a super fun game always in your pocket!

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Sports Puzzle Game

Sports Puzzle Game



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