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Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom
Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom


Great news for the fans of shooting games! Meet this crazy squirrel hunting game app for your android! Get ready to enjoy one of the most addicting squirrel games for kids and adults! Take a minute to look through the challenges this acorn adventure game has prepared for you!

This squirrel game lets you check out your own cautiousness and speed with its more and more challenging levels. Once you open this app, you will see cute little flying squirrel around the acorn tree. Do not let this sweet creature distract you with its adorable look, because in fact, it is a ninja, whose hands are full of acorn stolen from your acorn tree garden! You need to immediately catch them simply by touching on the screen.

There is a certain amount of squirrels that you need to get for earning maximum points at every level. There is an arsenal of acorns on the left side of your screen and every acorn serves as a gun, which can kill one squirrel. Every time you touch the screen, in order to catch a flying squirrel, you will lose one of your acorns. You will lose them even if you do not actually get the target, so be careful and try not to waste your acorn – guns. However, you can reload your arsenal as soon as it gets empty and it is important to do that on time.

The more levels you pass, the harder the challenges of this squirrel run game will be. The squirrels come and disappear so fast, that you may not manage to get them all. In addition to this, you will see a nice butterfly or a hedgehog among squirrels, but you cannot touch them at all! Otherwise, the game will be over and you will have to start it all over again!

Download and install the app in just a couple minutes and start enjoying it whenever you want offline! Have this amusing adventure game free of charge in your phone. Put a period to the naughtiness of these squirrels by showing what a great hunter you can be!

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Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom

Squirrel Shoot: Jailbreak Boom

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