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Stagefright Detector
Stagefright Detector
Stagefright Detector


The Stagefright Detector app scans your Android device to determine whether or not it is vulnerable to the Stagefright vulnerability. Stagefright is a serious exploit that allows hackers the capability of remote code execution. Remote code execution means hackers could potentially monitor everything you do and steal private and personal data.

The Android Security Suite Stagefright Detector app can ONLY detect whether or not your device is vulnerable. Stage fright Detector can not fix this vulnerability as this requires your device manufacturer to do so.

★What is Stagefright?

The Stagefright vulnerability is a remote code execution vulnerability in the open source media player used by nearly 95% of Android devices. What makes this vulnerability dangerous is that it can be delivered via MMS messages which are typically automatically downloaded by your SMS and chat apps on your device. Once downloaded the attackers can execute commands on your device potentially covering their traces all while potentially stealing your personal info or monitoring your actions.

Learn more about Stagefright at: http://mobilecloudlabs.com/blog/android-has-stagefright-and-your-device-probably-does-too/

★Should I be concerned?

You can rest easy, while Stagefright may sound scary there is currently no evidence of the attack being used in the wild. However since the vulnerability has been made publicly aware we highly recommend you keep a constant lookout for Android system updates from your device manufacturer and install them immediately as this is the only way to patch the vulnerability.

★ Will the Stagefright Detector app fix the vulnerability and protect my device?

The Stagefright Detector app has been designed to monitor whether or not your device has been patched against the Stagefright vulnerability. NO APP can fix this vulnerability! The only way to fix it is by the manufacturer of your device releasing a security update. We highly recommend you monitor your Android system updates and install them immediately.

★ Advanced Protection

For advanced protection against other Android viruses and malware you can download Android Security Suite here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobilecloudlabs.android_security_suite

★ Learn More

Learn more and stay up to date on the latest information about Stagefright and other vulnerabilities on our blog: http://mobilecloudlabs.com/blog

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★ Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy at: http://AndroidSecuritySuite.com/legal/privacy

★ Note

If you are searching for a Stagefright fix, Stagefright app, Stagefright patch or Stagefright detection we highly recommend you download this app as it is the best means for detection and prevention.

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Stagefright Detector

Stagefright Detector

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