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Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes
Status Quotes


Here is a collection of 5 thousands plus status quotes and messages from variety of categories for updating your profile status on social networking sites and apps

Application covers almost all category quotes and messages from our day to day life.

Categories of status quotes are as follows :

→ Inspirational status
→ Attitude status
→ Cool status
→ Programming status
→ Love status
→ Sad status
→ Funny status
→ Friendship status
→ Life status
→ Alcohol status

And one more category of your saved status

→ My status

App Features

1. Save status
→ This feature allows you to save any status from any category to your personal status collection
→ Save option will help you when you like different status from different categories and want to save it at single place regardless of its categories from which it belongs
→ You will find your save status in your 'My status' category
→ No need to browse particular category and find status once again
→ You can also modify the collection of your saved status at any later stage
→ You can remove a single status from your 'My status' category or you can clear entire list also and recreate it from scratch

2. Jump to particular status
→ You can jump to the particular status from its list at any stage of an application
→ If you are browsing a status and left it in middle.Then next time you can jump directly to the status where you left using this feature
→ No need to browse previous status messages again

3. Shuffle mode
→ If you dont want to like to go in order of sequence, You can shuffle the list of status messages

4. Copy status
→ You can copy any status from app and paste it where you want

5. Share status
→ If you dont want to copy and paste the status then you can directly share the status on any other app from this app

→ The app is completely free. No hidden costs or In App Purchases

→ Works even in OFFLINE mode

→ 5000 plus status messages and will still added

Keywords: definition social media sociale social in social m
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Android 2.3+


Bhargav Thankey





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Status Quotes

Status Quotes

Bhargav Thankey


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