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Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games
Super hero Birds - kids Games


Every once so often we feel the need to escape in a world where there are no real bad things, a world where heroes reign and save the world from villains and crooks. We satisfy this need through several different things.

We watch movies, we climb mountains, we go swimming, we jump off cliffs, or we play games. And what kind of games do we play? All kinds: ball games, board games, and yes, video games especially those that we can play in mobile devices.

Today, new games with human and animal heroes have shot to fame; there were fly birdie, splashy fish, ironpants, and flappy bee. Now comes three types of superhero birds which will surely catch the interest of gaming addicts. Each type of bird has its own special moves. Bat birds, like batman, have wings which let them fly high; Super birds have the strength of the avenger superheroes combined; Spidy birds are pretty much like spider bird.

What the Game is all About

There are two backdrops in the game. One setting of the game is night time in the city wherein the alleys are enclosed by darkness illuminated only by the occasional city lights. The other setting is in a jungle where there are thick foliage and the echo of animal noises in the background.

The object of the game is to control and guide the superhero bird through a maze of obstacles until he can reach his destination. The obstacles include a maze made of pipes or villains which the hero bird has to avoid or he will fall down.

How to Control the Hero Birds

All the birds, i.e. Bat birds, Super birds, and Spidy birds can be controlled by touching the screen. When you touch or tap the screen they will flap their wings; the more you tap, the higher they will fly and stay on air.

The game will end if the hero bird touches an obstacle and fall down. Players must be careful not to let the bird rush into any obstacle in the maze which resembles that of the game mario brothers. His hands must have good reflexes because it is very difficult to dodge the obstacles in the maze.

How to Unlock Levels

The lowest level uses Bat birds; the second level uses Super birds, and the highest level uses Spidy birds. In order to be able to play succeeding levels one must unlock it by successfully dodging the obstacles or by purchasing the next super bird.

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Super hero Birds - kids Games

Super hero Birds - kids Games

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