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Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant
Super Memory Assistant


Super Memory Assistant is an application that every smart user needs to accompany their smartphone. Its displays your phone’s memory status and help you keep track of storage and useful storage in your phone.

Super Memory Assistant has a friendly user interface that not just like other memory assistants which are usually built in assistance tools for your phone’s memory. In fact they help you keep explicit track of your phone’s memory by displaying the storage capacity of your phone whether it be the internal storage, the external storage or simply the SD card which is usually the case, in terms of external memory.

Super Memory Assistant not just portrays memory status digitally but also present memory status data graphically in the form of a pie chart. This is a combination of various colors that provide assistance to you about what your memory consists of. This includes different occupational rates and amounts of data, broken up rather elaborately like documents, pictures etc; so that you know what you may need to get rid of in order to boost your phone’s performance. Hence, Super Memory Assistant is an ideal file explorer that keeps you well aware of your phone’s memory status; internal memory or the SD card.

Super Memory Assistant shows memory consumption by file type, through which users can browse through the file system as this app is complete file explorer assistance. With a file assistant like Super Memory Assistant, users with busy schedules, and a considerable amount of attachment to their phones; this app serves as not just a memory status assistant, but also serves the purpose of keeping track of storage so that you may get rid of excessive unwanted data and boost your phone’s system speed.

Get hold of the little friend that is Super Memory Assistant and make sure you know what your phone and its memory is up to.

- Simple illustrated user interface
- Storage Medium Specific
- Storage Capacity Specific
- Storage Breakup Facilitator
- Supports external storage assistance.

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Super Memory Assistant

Super Memory Assistant

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