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Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure
Super Zack Adventure


Super Zack Adventure is a super classic adventure and legendary side-scrolling arcade platformer. Suit yourself to complete levels in 4 different worlds of Jungle, Desert, Snow and Castle. Run and jump over the cliff, shoot and hit your enemies and avoid the obstacles. Show everybody that you can be the super hero of the game.

Zack has been caught in a magical world full of obstacles. Zack should venturing out for a way out and collecting coins for powerup upgrades. Sometimes the path will be blocked by a locked gate, so Zack must find the key. This adventure is not easy because many monsters in various places. Some small monsters like Crabby and Turtle can be easily paralyzed, but Piranha, Cannon and Hidden Arachnide can not because they are too hard.

Come and enjoy the challenging levels, bring back your childhood memories!

————★ How to play ★————
Move Buttons: Move Right, Left, Jump and Down the ladder with super simple controllers.
Head against obstacles: Never surrender, run over the obstacles and find a way out! Use Energy Drink to increase your speed.
Grab coins: Get as much coins as you can to upgrade powerUps, coins can save you from gameover. Magnet can help you collect more coins.
Smash enemies: Jump and stamp down over enemies to smash them all! Use Power Weapon and Hammer to increase your ability against monster.

———★ Game Features ★———
4 worlds: Jungle, Desert, Castle, Snow.
30 levels build with care.
Many enemies: Crabby, Spike Turtle, Cannon Shooter, Mighty Eagles, Guardian Bee, Crazy Piranha,and Hot Lava.
You must find hidden Keys to open unlock track.
Jump on the top of enemies to beat them down.
Mistery box might give you helpful power up.
Power Shield turn you invinsible againts everything.
Power Hammer and Weapon can block Cannon fireball or throw Hot Lava away.
Use coins to upgrade PowerUps to its maximum power.

Please tell us your experience about Gameplay, Controller, and any ideas. Please submit them under Rate and Review section below.

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Super Zack Adventure

Super Zack Adventure

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