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Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games
Survival Craft War Games


Survival Craft War Games
Survive heated gun battles, brutal hand-to-hand combats and ruthless snipers

Survival Craft War Games is an action combat fps game that puts you dead center in the middle of explosive running and shooting action. Turn your android phone into a battle field and fight all your enemies as you progress through levels. Collect necessary perks such as speed, health and ammo and amass a selection of melee and firearm weapons that you will use against hordes of deadly enemies.


Survival Craft War Games bring you a most addictive FPS experience like you've never been part of before. This mega hit game boasts levels that are MASSIVE. As such, it is jam packed with powerful enemies, vast weaponry, and extensive terrain. Because of this, load time can often take awhile…

Rate kindly! Please don't penalize this smash hit arcade game with a one-star review. Please keep in mind that this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure you enjoyed an action-packed, thrill-ride of a time when you enter our cube craft world.


A new baby is born in a land of tenuous peace, you possess a peculiar marking that worries your parents. Concerned that their newborn will be banished from the tribe, they discuss leaving. At this time a great war breaks out between realms and moving seems impossible. As the war progresses and the tyranny of the neighboring realm looms large over all, the choice to flee becomes paramount. Your harried parents prepare to leave under the cover of darkness, when the moon is shrouded by a great haze of clouds and your departure will not be noticed. During their preparations, you overhear them speak of why this forthcoming move has become so necessary. Slinking back to your bunk, you plop heavily down upon the worn trunk that hold your meager possessions. Touching the birthmark upon your right shoulder, you wonder what such a curse could look like. What shape would portend your rise to glory as the opposing nation's fascist leader?

Years pass and you grow into your own, your family home is attacked. Engulfed in flames, you watch the devastating effects of this raid that occurred during a solo fishing trip. Searching for a sign of your parent’s survival, you attempt to root through the ashes after extinguishing the flames when you are set upon by a mob of enemies. These foes are dead set on your demise and as you battle the brutes, you recognize many as hailing from your native realm. Fear dawns and before you strike the killing blow to your enemy, the fearless warrior confirms your worst suspicions. The chase is on. Your quest for survival starts here as you take on deadly fighters who are tasked to end your life before your prophesized reign of terror can seize their realm.

This exciting shooter game is rife with ultimate challenges that will test you in a variety of ways. Set against a cool, modern block world landscape, your gaming experience will consist of a series of savage battles, the navigating of deadly terrain and the collection of epic weapons and perks that will aid you in your quest to survive. Enjoy tight pixel graphics and intuitive touch pad controls as you navigate three intense levels that include an ancient Chinese town, refugee camp and challenging grail temple. Progress through the missions, deal the most damage and hail as the ultimate victor!

Experience ultimate action...

-Mass melee and firearm weapon variety
-Collect health, ammo and speed perks
-Make use of your entity map and keep an eye on approaching foes
-Explore challenging landscapes
-Dynamic running and shooting action
-Fast-paced game play
-Create winning strategies

DISCLAIMER: Survival Craft War Games is not associated with Minecraft, nor does it use any textures or skins associated with the Minecraft games.

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Android 2.3+


Crystal Buffalo Game Studio, Inc.





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Survival Craft War Games

Survival Craft War Games

Crystal Buffalo Game Studio, Inc.


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