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Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker
Swastika Smart Worker


Smart Worker app is a gamified concentration method. Whenever you want to focus on a task, you plant a virtual tree. In the next 30 minutes, the tree will grow only if you don't tap the "Give up" button, which will kill the tree automatically. If you unlock your screen, Forest will show you messages such as "Stop phubbing" and "Don't look at me" to you from responding to your push notifications.

The more loops you complete, the lusher your forest is. You can share the progress of your phone addiction treatment on your social networks as well.

This is a unique id inspired by one of my comment-ors, well yes, their are people who start working on a task but then get wandered away in the middle due to something or the other but dont worry, we now have a way to bring you back.

In detail, all what you have to do is, plant a seed in the forest when u start working. Next 30 mins this seed will grow in to a full grown tree, but in case if you get wandered away by the sound of a message, a chat, whatsapp ping and pick the phone and start checking it, that seed will wither out, so make sure you resist the temptation of checking Facebook, Twitter or anything in the phone and concentrate just on your work. Well, the Goal is to create a forest out of the seeds you plant, and not to worry we are going to keep a record of each day as to how are you faring, do take a look at that after every few days, to see how u r performing... This is kind of a self reality check.

We are helping u concentrate on a given task by giving u a smart application, now its ur turn to ensure that u go ahead and become a smart worker ;-))

And for all you cheaters out there, we do have a white list where in you can have 3 apps running in the background... so just to make sure u do not loose touch on some important mesgs or alerts at the same time while working on your tasks.

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Swastika Smart Worker

Swastika Smart Worker

Upender Singh


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