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Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game
Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game


Thanksgiving is a very special and important holiday for everyone, so how about you join sweet baby Juliet in this beautiful Thanksgiving game. It is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year, so because she feels blessed and grateful for all she has, Baby Juliet decided to surprise her family. She wants to cook a delicious turkey and other goodies that will be served at the Thanksgiving dinner. This is a task that needs organizing and baby Juliet needs your help in order to complete this surprise in this great baby cooking turkey game.

Baby Juliet Shopping Game Scene
First, we will have to join Juliet to the grocery store so she can buy all the needed ingredients for the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. So let us start the shopping game by gathering all the ingredients that are on the shopping list. A nice big turkey, some carrots, oranges, bread and all the other ingredients needed for the stuffing. Do not forget to buy Juliet’s favorite juice. Once you got everything you need for the dinner it is time to return home and continue this cute Thanksgiving game with lots of fun activities. There are more things to do and so little time.

Baby Juliet Cleaning Game Scene
Next thing, you have to help Juliet with the cleaning. The house is quite messy and Juliet must finish before the guests arrive. Start by gathering all the toys that are scattered around the house, and arrange them in a big box. Next, take all the clothes and put them in the laundry basket. Get the vacuum cleaner and clean all the dust from the carpet. The cleaning game is complete, the house looks nice and tidy and Juliet looks very pleased.

Baby Juliet Cooking Turkey Game Scene
Finally, the big moment is here. It is time to cook! Start this excellent baby cooking game by preparing the turkey. Make sure it is clean and ready to be stuffed with the delicious filling. Help baby Juliet put the turkey in the oven. While the turkey it is roasting, prepare a delicious pie that will be served as a dessert for the Thanksgiving dinner game. When the turkey is golden brown and perfectly cooked, take it out of the oven and arrange the garnish and decoration next to it. Everything looks fantastic and it must taste heavenly.
Everything is perfect and the guests are about to arrive for the Thanksgiving dinner. Help our baby girl set the table and greet her guests. Make sure each guests sits exactly on the chair he wants and has a good time. Juliet has the honor to cut the delicious turkey. Help her serve the roasted turkey to everyone and let us hope they will love the tasty dish prepared in this great turkey cooking game. After they eat the turkey, it is time to serve the pie. Each will receive a generous slice after they solve the simple quiz, so get ready your math skills in this fun baby math game. Juliet and her guests are having a great time and the Thanksgiving dinner is a big success thanks to you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day and hope you liked this beautiful baby game.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game

Thanksgiving Dinner Cook Game

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