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The angel’s new coat
The angel’s new coat
The angel’s new coat
The angel’s new coat


The angel’ new coat
In heaven, the angels also went to school just like the kids on earth.
The new semester was about to start, and to encourage the little angels, the Knowledge Genie decided to give them new coats.
But, these gifts were only for the hardworking students who finished the task he gave.
One day, he called them over and told them:
- I will give each of you a flower pot with some lovely flower buds inside.

You will take care of them until they grow and bloom. When I come back, who finishes the work will receive a gift from me.
The angels chorused “yes” with exciting voices and said goodbye to the Knowledge genie.
At first, the angels were all really industrious trying their best to take care of the flower pots.
After a week, the Knowledge Genie still had not come back yet.
The young angels kept waiting and waiting, then they started to feel tired and did not want to continue anymore.
Ly Ly was the only one who kept on completing her duty.
Other angels looked at Ly Ly and made fun of her:
You’re so silly. However hardworking you are, the Knowledge Genie will never know. He must be so busy that he forgot about us.
Don’t care about me, he can come whenever he wants, and I hope that he will be able to see these beautiful flowers when he arrives.
Then Ly Ly watered the flower. She did not care about her friends’ words.
And finally, the Knowledge Genie came back to check how the angels were doing.
When he looked at the withered flower pots of the angels, he understood everything. And Ly Ly’s pot was the only one with colorful lively flowers.
He felt very satisfied and gave her a new pure-white coat and a pair of beautiful sparkling wings.
The other angels felt embarrassed that they did not finish their duties so all of them apologized to the Knowledge Genie and also to Ly Ly for laughing at her.

• Suitable for kids between 3 and 10.
• Diverse contents with appealing interchange graphics.
• Audio supported for young kids unable to read or learning to read.

With a sincere will to bring about refreshing experiences about the fairy tales to you and your beloved kids, we hope that you will find this product intersesting.
All rights go to the sagaclouds team
Our web: www.sagacloulds.com
Hope you have a good time with the stories.

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The angel’s new coat

The angel’s new coat

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