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The art of persuasion
The art of persuasion
The art of persuasion
The art of persuasion


Persuading others to learn their origins, can be mastered by taking into account some special methods and methods in the art of persuasion and dialogue. The application is derived from a book containing the results of psychological experiments, 50 experiments in particular, and builds a simple theory based on the results of each experiment.

★ Book of the art of persuasion
Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
Yeah! Fifty scientifically proven ways to be convincing, first published in 2007
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★ The concept of persuasion
Is the process of converting or adapting the opinions of others towards a targeted view that the sender or speaker is persuading the target or the future is the process of conviction
The process of persuasion requires not only the skill of the talker and the person responsible for persuasion, but also the presence of some readiness for the target, or helping to create this readiness.

It is clear from the definition that persuasion is part of mastery of communication skills and mastery of the arts of dialogue and etiquette. Some words are intertwined with persuasion, with differences that may be subtle to some degree; such as deception, temptation, negotiation. Some of them are irritating to the instincts and some are counterfeits to the facts, some are just compromise and agreement without conviction and so on.
This summary is an attempt to reach the truth, and as it is difficult for the book to fit everyone, it is also difficult not to come out with one useful information. Yes, some points are boring, some are incomprehensible, but if you hate marketing, your mind will not accept the ways you talked about it. Perhaps one day your vision changes and you have to read some useful marketing ideas,
Persuasive speech, or simply persuasion, is a type of communication which aims to introduce change at a personal or group level. The art of persuasion can be learned by anyone, which is why it’s the perfect time for you to learn persuasive speech yourself.

Why is persuasion important? People typically move through life with a purpose. We are always working toward specific life and career goals. Accomplishing these goals will be that much easier if we’re able to persuade people to help us. Imagine being able to facilitate the manifestation of your goals through simple speech.

Persuasive speech can be used in any field, too. So whether you are a doctor, salesman, lawyer, or teacher, persuasive speech will have its special uses for you. Another great thing about persuasion is that it is actually a skill.
And just like any other skill, persuasion can be taught and learned. You can also practice persuasion on a daily basis so you can eventually master it. The more you practice persuasive speech, the better you become. The more time you put into persuasive speech, the better the results are, too.
Persuasion not only requires your personal mastery of the skill, but also your ability to set intentions. Persuasion without intention is like driving without a destination in mind. The first thing that you need before you can become persuasive is to have a particular intention. Why do you want to persuade the other person in the first place? What do you want to achieve?
Once you have identified your intention, you can proceed to shaping the persuasive component. How will you be able to introduce change without meeting resistance? How will you frame your argument so that the other person will see things from your point of view? These are only a few of the things that you will learn from your own study of persuasive speech.
الاقناع وايصال الفكرة في ظرف وجيز وباساليب رائعة
ادا كانت لك هذه الاسئلة التالية :
*- كيف يمكن ايصال فكرتي ؟
*- كيف اقنع شخصا او كيف اقنع فتاة ؟
*- كيف اتحدت بطلاقة واقنع الناس ؟
*- كيف يصبح اسلوب حواري رائع ؟
*- كيف اتميز في نقاشي وفي محادثاتي ؟
*- كيف اتميز في محادتاتي الوظيفية او في المحاضرات الملقاة سواء كنت استاذا او طالبا ؟
كن مقنعاً Be convincing
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The art of persuasion

The art of persuasion

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