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The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag
The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag
The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag
The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag
The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag
The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag


The Mighty Pen EDUCATION magazine is a free, independent, monthly business-to-business school consumer publication available digitally and in glossy print.

The first of its kind with a true crossover readership and tailored content to principals, teachers, learners/students & parents. Glossy printed copies are delivered to education officials and corporates, but the strength of the distribution relies on key partnerships providing resource clouds and e-learning portals.

The digital magazine is a fully interactive pdf (less than 5mb) and can be viewed on any system, including mobile phones and tablets. All advertiser content is hyperlinked, including emails, websites and social networks so readers are able to make direct contact with education product & service providers.

The magazine goes directly to the readers.
• A network of personalised emails to 3 000 school principals, 300 FET College principals and 1 000 teachers.
• The TYB e-learning portal provided to the 6 MEC Paperless schools in Gauteng. All learners and teachers have direct access.
• The Snapplify platform (Apple & Android) Newsstand and hundreds of learners & teachers across the country using the Snapbox are made aware of the free App.
• The SPHS resource cloud. The magazine is pushed directly on to the tablets and laptops of all learners and teachers. 500 secondary schools in Namibia and 400 secondary schools in South Africa.

As the magazine and App is totally free, and it is either sent directly to the reader or linked from the e-learning device to the resource cloud, there is no soliciting of downloads or wishing for website traffic.

In total the magazine is viewed by approximately 3 000 school principals, 400 000 learners and 20 000 teachers across Southern Africa. Using the EduPac system we also sms the direct link of the magazine to all the above parents of the learners on the school data base.

The Mighty Pen EDUCATION magazine not only provides informative content about South African schools and systems – with a focus on the Gauteng school’s digital e-learning projects, but is also an effective marketing communication platform for education companies to inform the decision-makers within the system of their product and service offerings. Advertise to thousands of principals, tens of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students and parents.

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The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag

The Mighty Pen EDUCATION Mag



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