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The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App
The Single Dad Laughing App


The long-awaited app by Dan Pearce (author of Single Dad Laughing) is finally here, and it's free! Join the tens of millions who have already laughed, cried, and wanted to throw their phones across the room a time or two at Dan's hilarious, thought-provoking, or downright different perspective on life and all the funny, crazy, difficult, and poignant things in it.

Single Dad Laughing is so much more than a blog, and if you follow along, you know that fatherhood is only an itty bitty part of what it has turned into. SDL is a community of hundreds of thousands of the web's awesomest people who meet up on the internet every day to laugh together, be real together (a term that means something to us), and share a little bit of life with each other.

And this app! It's awesome. See and read all of Dan's Single Dad Laughing posts. Easily watch the incredible videos Dan finds and shares. Catch up on only the popular posts if you are crunched for time. Dig through the archives more easily than you ever have before.

And even more good news...

Single Dad Laughing is getting a whole lot better than ever before.

The SDL blog is only a tiny part of this SDL app! The app also contains so many incredible and delightfully time-sucking sections with content submitted by all of you!

No more waiting for months for your favorite series of posts! From horrifying first date stories, to purposeful texts sent to wrong numbers, to weird confessions, to the Truth Box, to completely random (and awesome) facts... there is something for everyone. Save your favorite submissions for easy viewing later! Easily share submissions via text, email, and you favorite social networks! And, with more than 45 sections still being built for future releases, you better believe the Single Dad Laughing app will become your number one favorite app. Ever.

Future sections will include brand new and fun ideas, as well as much-requested features such as Dan's advice column, Creepy things Said by Kids, the SDL Podcast, Grandma said WHAT?!, and so much more.

Users can disable ads via an in-app purchase. Users can also donate via in-app purchase at any time to help fund server expenses, community SDL programs and events, and so much more.

Enough blabber. Download the app! Oh, and be sure to enable notifications so that you get notified of all your favorite content inside the app!

Dan Pearce and Single Dad Laughing have been featured on national television programs, radio shows, the New York Times, Huffington Post, and on hundreds of thousands of websites around the world. Download the app and find out in a hurry why people love this place and this community so much.

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The Single Dad Laughing App

The Single Dad Laughing App

Single Dad Laughing


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