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The Treasury of Knowledge
The Treasury of Knowledge
The Treasury of Knowledge
The Treasury of Knowledge
The Treasury of Knowledge


This application provides access to titles from The Treasury of Knowledge, a unique encyclopedic masterpiece by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodro Tayé (1813-1900), comprising the entire range of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet.

Included in the app are two digital editions of The Treasury of Knowledge:

- A bilingual edition that presents the original Tibetan work along with the English translation; and
- A Tibetan edition, that presents the original Tibetan work alone.

The Treasury of Knowledge contains ten books, the first four of which are historically oriented, focusing respectively on cosmology, the Buddha, his teachings, and their propagation in ancient India and Tibet. The fifth book concerns the integration of monastic, bodhisattva, and mantra vows, while the next three (books six through eigh) concern the cultivation of discriminative awareness, through study, reflection, and meditation, respectively. The last two books, nine and ten, offer Kongtrul’s syncretic analysis of the spiritual paths and goals attained through the causal and fruitional vehicles of Buddhist practice. The Treasury also includes an introduction and a conclusion preceding and concluding the ten books, respectively.

This application comes with free content (the introduction and the conclusion of the encyclopedia, plus free previews of articles from each of the ten volumes) and the option to purchase all the books of the collection at affordable prices. Your purchase helps support Tsadra Foundation and its translation projects.

With the purchase of books, free updates of forthcoming editions are made available.


- Access the entire Treasury of Knowledge in both bilingual and Tibetan editions
- Navigate the encyclopedia using intuitive interactive visual maps, comprehensive textual outlines, and clear tables of contents
- Color-coded text for commentaries, root verses, headings, and citations to create a unique reading experience
- Access interactive translator’s notes
- Read the invaluable translator’s introduction to each book
- Create favorite title and section lists
- View illustrations and diagrams drawn from the commentaries
- Zoom and pan any content in the library
- Back buttons to retrace your steps
- Easy-to-use browsers showing a zoomed-out view of the book’s sections
- Scrolling buttons to easily scan the books
- Free article previews
- Free updates of forthcoming editions
- and more...

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The Treasury of Knowledge

The Treasury of Knowledge

Tsadra Foundation


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