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This is a demo app for selling.

description :

The application will help the user to choose from a number of available Tiffin services by reviews, ratings and suggestions of the services which will resolve the customer’s about the food quality and taste. Following are the functionality that we are including in the app.

Functionality for the Customer:

1. He will be able to view all the Tiffin services that he can avail.
2. He should be able to apply different filters.
3. User of the app should be able to directly contact with the Seller(Tiffin service provider) via the in-built message exchange application only.
4. The application will provide its Customers the ability to register and create an account.
All purchases and the past records would be saved into their respective account that will ultimately lead to the calculation of total expenditure at the end of each month.
5. A Personalized calendar will be available to each customer which will have the details of monthly ordered services sorted by Veg/Non-Veg/Special and will have the total monthly expenditure.
6. He should be able to update his profile details.
7. He should be able to place orders.(which will directly be reflected in his calendar)
8. He should be able to pay the Service provider(Tiffin Vendor) via online payment if he wishes to.

Functionality for the Tiffin Vendors/ Service providers :

1. He will be given his username and password by the admin.
2. He will be able to change his password
3. He can update his account.
4. He should be able to update his profile such as menu.
5. He should be able to contact the user(Customer) via built in message service only
6. He can filter the users

Functionality for admin :

1. He can generate a new Tiffin Vendor’s account(Username & Password & other details)
2. He can delete any user account
3. He can delete any review/comment
4. He is able to filter users

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Tiffin App

Tiffin App

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