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Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle
Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle


“Welcome to the jungle”! Fear the mighty tiger roar and solve some of the best “animal puzzles for kids free” of charge! Twenty tiger pictures have been turned into beautiful jigsaws of these mighty “wild animals”! Choose your favorite from many types of tigers: “Bengal tiger”, “white tiger”, Tasmanian tiger, golden tiger and others “animal pictures” are waiting to be solved! Download Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle, one of the best “animal games for toddlers”, kids and adults and try to solve all the levels of difficulty of all the wonderful “tiger jigsaw puzzles”! With difficulty ranging from easy to hard, this “puzzle game” is suitable for everyone, be it 3 years old toddlers, preschool children, teens or adults! Play these wonderful “tiger puzzles for kids” and adults, one of the most fantastic “animal games free” of charge and solve all the beautiful “tiger pictures”, white tiger images and big cats photos! Your personal guardian is waiting to protect the screen of your phone with its sharp tiger claws and teeth – each time you complete a picture of a tiger, you get a chance to save the image to your gallery and use it as a tiger wallpaper later! Download this 2015 animal game for Android™ and enjoy!

Main features:
➤ Twenty HD animal images divided into two free packs – more pictures coming soon!
➤ Ten pictures, unlock a new one every day.
➤ If you like some image, you can save it in your phone gallery and use it later as “tiger wallpapers” or “animal backgrounds” for your desktop.
➤ Dimensions – 9 to 100 puzzle pieces.
➤ Choose the level of difficulty.
➤ Up to 200 different combination of puzzles.
➤ Every game is different: various piece shapes every time.
➤ Move pieces in groups.
➤ Save all jigsaws in progress – work on several of them at the same time.
➤ Use pause button if you want to see the whole picture or to save your progress.
➤ No purchases within the application – all of the beautiful jigsaws are completely FREE!
➤ You can play these fantastic “puzzle games without Internet” connection!

Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle game includes the following jigsaws:
➤ Tiger puzzles for kids
➤ White tiger games
➤ Tiger under water images
➤ Tiger cub jigsaw puzzles free games
➤ Tiger print pictures
➤ Sumatran tiger free puzzle games
➤ Free puzzles of the eye of the tiger
➤ White tiger on snow mountain
➤ Bengal tiger games and puzzles and other beautiful animal games for kids and adults!

If you download Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle game, you'll get the best collection of free images of tigers! Admire these gracious wild animals on your screen while you play the best “animal games that are free”! Combine all of the puzzle pieces of ferocious Siberian tigers, or solve the pictures of cute baby tigers cheerfully playing with its mum! Get your own pet tiger as soon as you complete all of the beautiful animal pictures – save the photo as a wallpaper and use it later as your background image or lock screen wallpaper! This “tiger game free download” has carefully chosen animal pictures, big cat images and “tiger puzzle games” designed to meet the needs of even the most passionate puzzle solvers! Kids and toddlers will especially like tiger cubs free jigsaw puzzles – just set the difficulty to easy and enjoy a great puzzle solving experience! If you are up for a real challenge, try solving the puzzles for adults 100 pieces! With simple controls and interesting gameplay, these free animal puzzles for toddlers will entertain you and your kids for a long time!

➤ An excellent brain exercise for kids and adults.
➤ Improve your observation and cognitive skills.
➤ Develop visual perception.
➤ Enhance your capacity to concentrate.
➤ Many hours of fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle

Tigers Jigsaw Puzzle



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