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TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep
TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep


With TiX you can sleep better and will wake up more relaxed.
TiX is an free exact reliable Alarm Clock with beautiful and random changing user interface. Featuring a stunning user experience and has additionally a detailed sleep analyzer to improve your sleep cycles. Monitor your sleep phases and analyze your sleep habbits every night. The intelligent alarm clock will wake you up very gently with the included sunrise mode and with all amazing alarm sounds which are professionally produced and delivered in high quality. Or you prefer it loud and extreme? Than TiX is the right choice with the large integrated sound library with extreme and very loud alarm sounds which are all included in the free version.
An alarm clock and sleep cycle app with an amazing design filled with lots of beautiful and stunning animations. It will soon be one of the most used intelligent alarm clocks.
The random design deliveres a unique wake-up experience and each gorgeous color theme will produce a smile on your face.
Set an exact time with the alarm clock and get a hassle-free wake-up experience. No more inaccurate alarm clocks inside other apps.
The sleep cycle monitor will measure and analyze your movement during sleep using the microphone in your phone. Of course no data will be recorded during sleep!
Every night you go through different sleep phases, starting from light sleep to deep sleep and during each phase your movements increase or rather decrease. These movements are detected and monitored inside the sleep tracker and as a result a sleep phase graph can show you in which sleep phase you were and for how long.

★ Reliable Alarm Clock with exact time
★ Free large selection of professional Alarm Sounds in high quality splitted in different categories like dream, nature, smooth, melody, rhythmic, fast, short and loud
★ Random changing designs on every app start either for the home screen or the alarm screen
★ Random changing alarm sound on every morning which can be selected inside the alarm selection screen
★ Beautiful designs and color themes with amazing animations
★ Sleep monitor: Detailed sleep analysis to improve your sleep cycles via microphone (Mic permission is needed). Track how long you are awake or in light sleep and deep sleep phases
★ Sleep tracker: See different graphs influenced by caffeine or alcohol consumption to determine the effects of your daily habbits. Detailed sleep statistics for every night and an overview including an average
★ Record the sleep phases in Background mode or use the Night mode to see directly the current time of the clock
★ Several alarm features: Snooze and smart alarms, Rising Alarm Sound from silent to a configured volume, Sunrise before Alarm Sound from dark to the brightest brightness of your display (Settings permission is needed)
★ Use any NFC tag to dismiss an alarm. No need to pair the NFC tag with the app! (NFC permission is needed)
★ Use the Widget which includes a clock and the current date
★ Share your sleep graphs screenshot with your friends via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, WhatsApp & email

★ Get three additional beautiful designs for the clock and alarm screen in high quality. Every color design can single selected or used in random mode
★ Use games with your alarms to make sure you are really awake. Lovely designed and integrated inside the alarm screen
★ Analyze and monitor unlimited amount of sleep phases.
★ In the free version of TiX some functions are limited and to access all benefits you can use in-app purchase to get the full experience

Huge amount of languages are available. Currently 24 languages are integrated. Do you want another language or improve an existing one? Please contact us.
Do you have suggestions for improvement or additional feature requests? Any ideas or problems with the app.
Before leaving negative feedback, please get in touch with us.

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TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep

TiX - Alarm Clock Sleep



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