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Toddler Bird Games
Toddler Bird Games
Toddler Bird Games
Toddler Bird Games
Toddler Bird Games


Big Eyed Birds is one of the most sought out toddler bird games. Although intended for ages 2 to 4, any older child or adult can enjoy playing it. Not only is it fun but also beneficial for a child's cognitive development and sensory-motor coordination. After rounds 5 or 6, it becomes challenging enough for adults too. No matter who plays it, it is entertaining, unpredictable and potentially addictive. One of the best bird puzzles for toddlers.


* Click the START button on the first screen to begin Big Eyed Birds: Bird Games Free.
* Eliminate as many matched icons as you can. For two icons to be matched, they have to be identical, they must share a common side or be separated by space. Diagonal icon pairs or icon pairs that are separated by another icon aren't matched and can't be eliminated by tapping.
* Use the REFRESH button, at bottom left, to shuffle the icons if you can't eliminate any icons. This happens sometimes which is what makes Big Eyed Birds: Bird Games for Toddlers unpredictable.
* Click the FIND button, at bottom right, to eliminate up to 3 icon pairs. Use this feature as a last resort, if you are running out of time.
* Be conscious of the progress of the timer, near the top.
* Decide what to do next:
* Click the Green Arrow button to repeat the same round. Use this feature if you lost a toddler bird games round.
* Click the Blue Arrow button to go to the next round.
* Click the Red X button to exit the game altogether. Big Eyed Birds: Toddler Bird Games is one of the most popular bird games free.

Now the rounds. The duration of the first round is 120 seconds. This is plenty of time to learn the game and complete the round. Each consecutive round becomes shorter by 10 seconds. The rate of Big Eyed Birds: Bird Puzzles for Toddlers does not change, it's only the rounds that become shorter. Although the maximum number of rounds is 20, it is next to possible to finish a round in less than 60 seconds. So even a fast player may not get past round 10.

Searching for bird games free and toddler birds games? Download Big Eyed Birds, best of bird puzzles for toddlers.

Big-eyed Birds is one of the best bird games for toddlers. It is simple, yet profound. Although designed for ages 2 to 4, it becomes challenging enough for adults after rounds 5 or 6. The whole family can have fun playing it. If you run into any issues, please contact the developer first before leaving a review. Our goal is to make Big Eyed Birds: Toddler Bird Games one of the most popular bird puzzles for toddlers in the android game store so we welcome and will respond to your suggestions.

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Toddler Bird Games

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