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Toddler Gummy Color Match Race
Toddler Gummy Color Match Race
Toddler Gummy Color Match Race
Toddler Gummy Color Match Race
Toddler Gummy Color Match Race
Toddler Gummy Color Match Race


They are Tasty! They are Yummy! They are Gummys!

Do you have a little candy lover that loves gummys and wants to practice their colors? Then get your tummy ready for some cool gummy bear colors fun in the Toddler Gummy Color Match Race!

Your little sweet tooth will get to play with six different yummy gummy bears and have an exciting
time racing the clock to find the matches in this fun game designed for ages 3 & up.

The Gummy Color Match Race for toddlers is a timed three round matching game, featuring 6 different colors of cool gummy bears! The first round in the Gummy Color Match Race is 100 seconds. After each round the timer is reduced by 10 seconds, so your little toddler can improve and get better and faster with each round.

The added bonus for parents is this gummy bear game is free and age appropriate for toddlers (with a little help from mom and dad) & preschoolers because there aren't too many differing icons, so matching is an easy yummy gummy game time!

Another great feature to the Gummy Colors Match Race Free that will make it even better learning experience then just matching - your little gummy lover will see the icons that link for their match choices! When they do make a linked match the gummy bear game for toddlers shows them the link.

This has been shown, beyond the matching itself, this provides a real educational bonus while playing also promotes:
-Pattern recognition and memory skills.
-Improves fine motor skills.
-Develops early math concepts.
-Hand eye coordination.
-Color recognition and vocabulary!

And to make this even more of a blast to play is the fun and upbeat soundtrack that will keep them groovin’ throughout the Toddler Gummy Color Match Race.

How To Play:
Click matching icons to clear them from the board before time's up. Matching pairs must be touching either side to side or can be linked. Diagonally touching tiles are not a match. This enforces the concepts of "on top", "on bottom", "beside" and "next to". The matches don’t have to be touching to be matched, tiles can be linked with a straight line or lines outside the play field. When you make a match the game will show you a link line in green.

We've even included some help if your little ones need it. They can press the FIND button up to 3 times each round and the game will show them matches. They can also press the REFRESH button to shuffle the tiles around to help them have different link choices.

Have an amazing time playing with these tasty treats of different colors in the Toddler Gummy Colors Match Race and let your child have fun learning this fun app for kids 3 years and older!

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Toddler Gummy Color Match Race

Toddler Gummy Color Match Race

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