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Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun
Toddlers Fun


Toddlers Fun a Toddlers Educational Apps
A very fun way for toddler to learn English Alphabets.
* Full ABC
* All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and is fully-featured.
* 1 to 10 Numbers
* All Numbers are presented with nice and fun graphics.
* Real sounds associated with words
* Human pronunciations of all alphabets

Toddlers can be busy in a fun way to learn the alphabets and numbers without adult supervision. User interface is very clean and emphasise on the learning the letters and number instead toddlers are busy in watching the graphics and other animated charactors.
Toddlers Fun App allows toddlers to play without help from an adult. This app is the perfect way to build up your preschoolers' core early learning number and alphabets. Your children will enjoy a supportive, constructive and uniquely designed fun experience while building early recognition skills.
Toddlers Fun teaches sequential order of numbers and alphabets with the pronunciation of numbers and alphabets.
Toddlers Fun is committed to your toddler's education. This is a small app build with just 2 simple activates.
This application is specially designed for toddlers to enjoy with unique, fun graphics and cute sounds.
Application Features:
* ALPHABETS: This activity teaches toddlers Alphabets in a sequential manner by showing colorful letters and interactive voices.
* NUMBERS: This activity teaches counting by showing colorful objects and interactive voices *

Toddlers Fun App is tested by Toddles and their moms together. Toddlers and Mom both can enjoy together busy in their own “me” time together.
We love to hear from parents – and from children, too. To tell us how we made a difference in your child's education or , please rate our app and post a comment.
Preschool aged children learn the alphabet letter names and letter recognition, and will practice finding letters in context.
Preschool aged children learn the primary numbers and number recognition, and will practice finding numbers in context.
This simple toddlers educational game teaches toddlers the alphabet letters and numbers. At this age, should be enjoyed learning about letters and numbers. Workbooks can be a lot of time when your child goes to school.When spending time together, letters and numbers when you look at them and point out additional learning and encourage curiosity.

Please reach us @ info@wowmedialabs.com for any feedback and support! We are committed to providing fun and educational experiences to support your kids' education.

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Toddlers Fun

Toddlers Fun

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