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Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing
Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing


Traffic Jammer 3D is a High Speed Car Racing Game. You play the game as John, a racer with a groove for speed, and real action street racing! You just got invited to the Underground Car Racing Championship. The kind of real speedy adventures which is right up your alley. Travel to 4 amazing cities and race through the busy traffic.

1) Tokyo (Japan): Enjoy this evening drive with oriental beats in the background
2) Moscow (Russia): (Caution) Snowy roads are tricky to drive on
3) Texas (USA): The cowboy wonderland and the desert hills! Watch out, as the cops are tough here
4) Sydney(Australia): Cruise along the night streets of Sydney.

In all the 4 amazing 3D locations, you race through the traffic with the objective not to hit any other vehicle. The roads are filled with police cars, trucks, 4x4 vehicles and Busses. You are the only one with a car that reaches sonic speed and can blaze through the traffic. Question is, how far can your drive?
Traffic Jammer 3D (Car Racing) gives you tons of options within the game.

The Car Modification is one of them.
1) Choose from multiple real 3D vehicles. We've got Sports cars, 4x4, Armored Sedans - you name it we have it.
2) Change colors of your cars. Give it the look you want!
3) Upgrade your wheels, braking and turbo power for the times when you need more speed
4) Unlock many special features to create havoc on the roads.

Game Modes:
We have some amazing game modes to try out your driving skills
1) One way traffic: This mode is for new comers. Get the hang of driving in the game. Traffic is one way, and all that is need is to drive through the vehicles.
2) Two way traffic: Racing through this mode takes your skills to the next level. The traffic is coming from both ways and it only gives you a split second to make your decision on where to take your car. The thrill and danger comes with many bonuses as well. Earn more money for upgrading your vehicles as your drive in the opposite lane
3) Free Ride: You can try out your rides, or better give this games to kids by changing the traffic density level.
5) Time based and daily turbo challenges: Reach a particular goad in a limited time-frame and win your daily challenge.

Traffic Jammer 3D, is a must have for people who like high quality car racing games.
So, download this speedy street adventure and let's hit the road!

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Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing

Traffic Jammer 3D - Car Racing

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