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Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager
Travelog - Car Logs Manager


Track and manage mileage and all type of expenses like, Fuel,Service,Toll etc. for your car, truck or any other automobile.

The App accommodates multiple vehicles and it can be used by individuals who need a vehicle logbook for income tax purposes and for businesses that need to calculate amounts that need to be charged to clients, manage a fleet of vehicles and analyze business & private use of vehicles.

Travelog app is ideal to use as
• Mileage and expense manager for any automobile
• Logging distance and expenses for trips done by taxis and autos
• Trucker's logbook
• Logging business trips and expenses for reimbursement
• Lobbook for managing vehicles on hire
• Analysing your vehicle use, expenses and earnings.

Currently, App offers report in PDFs and CSV format.CSV format can be opened with any word processing software like MS-EXCEL/Google Sheets/WPS Office etc. You can Email the report directly from the App.
Reports in MS-Excel format can be created from web portal @ www.cloudtravelog.com

Some of the salient features are as follow
* Track and manage mileage
* Track and manage expenses
* Descriptive Pie Chart for analyzing your vehicle use
* Descriptive Pie Chart for analyzing expenses on your vehicle
* Auto-Tracking your tour with GPS (Works when your speed is more than 1 m/s) (optional).
* manage logs from any device: http://cloudtravelog.com/
* Categories trips by Business, Private or add your own type
* Add journey Notes at any time
* Enter custom header to your PDF before saving
* Click on Car pic to get recently used vehicle details
* Notification as reminder to finish journey
* Choose between Metric or imperial system
* Customizable report export options
* Generate monthly or yearly reports for your vehicle

How to use:
One time exercise to personalize the App experience as per your requirement

Tracking Mileage or logging Trip
Choose 'add trips' from the main screen and add initial details like odometer reading, origin etc. of the trips and hit start. After completing the journey enter final details and save the trip. For your convenience app will try to autofill almost all of the trip details after your first trip, you can configure auto fill feature from settings section.

Tracking Expenses
For tracking your vehicle-related expenses like, Fuel, Service, Toll, Fine etc., Choose 'add expense' from the main section and add all the details like date, odometer reading, total cost etc. The app will auto fill the Odometer reading and will calculate total cost in case you have entered expense quantity and rate.

Exporting the Report
You can configure the export options in the print section and export the mileage report in PDF or CSV format.

Synchronize your expenses and mileage data with the cloud server
App will try to automatically sync data with cloud server for back-purpose, after syncing you can access your logs from any device using the web portal @ www.cloudtravelog.com

Features on web portal
There are loads of features on web portal like line charts, pie charts for analyzing data and number of export options like MS-EXCEL and PDF.

Now managing your car will be at your fingertips.
We always welcome your thoughts! Please provide comments or suggestions for improving the APP.

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Travelog - Car Logs Manager

Travelog - Car Logs Manager

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