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Treasures of the pirate
Treasures of the pirate
Treasures of the pirate
Treasures of the pirate
Treasures of the pirate


  It’s said that there were some place on the edge of the world which is guarded by ghost, and it has a treasure of unknown, do you want to find out and be the owner of it? I’m waiting for you to join me on the road of challenge, will that be a place of death or a new world on the end of the road? Nobody knows. Be brave and try to explore the end of the world!
  In the game, you can experience something different and enjoy the dreamy scene. What’s next? A new beginning or death? It is up to you.
  Are you feel bored of playing games like Runner and Cut the rope? If you feel the game Popstar is too easy for you, and you want to check out something new, come to try out this new game. Do not hesitate, come to download this game and find out the treasure!
  This game is smooth, stable and easy to play, it has a relaxing and lively tone. You can click the help stone button when you don’t know what to do next to ask your friends on Wechat for help.
  Enter the game,On the homepage background you can see a ship which looks like The Black Pearl sailing on the sea, you will see diffferent scene in different island level, we have Sphinx, pyramids, desert,plants and so on. The content of this game is diverse and colorful, the treasure finds person having a reason, will you be the lucky one? The truth is that the vivid carven paintings on the wall has been cursed by wizard, once you has been caught by the guarder, run as fast as you can. More surprises just waiting for you, come to find out!

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Treasures of the pirate

Treasures of the pirate

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