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Trucks Puzzle
Trucks Puzzle
Trucks Puzzle
Trucks Puzzle
Trucks Puzzle
Trucks Puzzle


Trucks Puzzle - a set of 20 bright jigsaw puzzles in one game with trucks

This Trucks Puzzle game game has 3 modes:

Easy - 3x3 puzzle = 9 tiles
Medium - 5x5 puzzle = 25 tiles
Hard - 7x7 puzzle = 49 tiles

You can choose any truck image you want from 20 proposed to play Trucks Puzzle jigsaw puzzles.

Suggested trucks puzzle game contains different images connected trucks and big cars.
Everyone will find good puzzle to play.

Some interesting facts about trucks:

The first motorised truck emerged towards the end of the 1800s.

When you hear about a semi truck, the word semi emerged primarily due to the actual trailers these trucks support. As these trailers have no front wheels, they are completely incapable of movement unless connected to the tractor section of a truck. So as semi can refer to something not being complete, thats where semi-trailer comes from. The term semi for the trucks was then adapted from there.

Every word has its origins, and the word truck was used as early as 1611. Back then, truck referred to heavy duty wheels that were used on the canon carriages of a ship. From there, the word was adapted and associated with a range of items/locomotives that were designed to carry heavy loads. And, of course, as we know them today, trucks (whether theyre semis, road freight or road trains) serve a primary purpose of transporting heavy freight loads.

A fully-loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 lb. or more most cars only weigh about 3,000 lb.

Trucks need the length of a football field to come to a full stop

More than 9 million people are employed in the trucking industry that's one out of every 14 U.S. jobs

There are 3.2 million tractor-trailer drivers in the United States

78% of all freight carried in America goes by truck

There are over 400,000 trucking companies in the U.S.

In 2000, America's professional drivers drove 200 billion miles enough for 1,000 round trips to the sun

There are more than 36 million trucks in service in the U.S.

61% of trucking hauls are 100 miles or shorter

Businesses choose trucks for 82 out of every dollar they spend on shipping

In the 5-year period from 1998 through 2002, the size of the U.S. trucking market increased in value by 18.9% to a
staggering $468.2 billion

Three-fourths of American communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of goods and services

There are about 5.6 million semi trailers (or tractor trailers) registered for use in the U.S., almost three times the number of semi trucks (also called tractors). It was the trailer that gave rise to the name semi truck. Since the trailer has no front wheels and can be used only when connected to the tractor part of the truck, it's called a semi-trailer. The terms "semi" and "semi truck" evolved from that.

Disclaimer: All images are copyright of their legal owners.
No copyright infringement is intended, any request to remove any image will be honored.
This Trucks Puzzle game is an unofficial and fan based.
All the images in this application are not endorsed by any of the owners, and are used only for aesthetic purposes.
Any image will be removed from the app on first demand.

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Trucks Puzzle

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