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True Tracer-GPS Mobile Tracker
True Tracer-GPS Mobile Tracker
True Tracer-GPS Mobile Tracker


How to use :

1) Register by keying in the required details
2) Enter the authentication code received via self triggered SMS
3) Search your friends and share .

True Tracer helps you keep track of your friends & phones With GPS positioning system
True Tracer helps you trace your buddies instantly and accurately by locating them on map with a satellite view of their location using the device GPS navigation system . The app has been built to track your friend position and the time as to when they were at that position on a map their exact locations. A use full utility for parental care to track their kids movements just in case if there is a delay in reaching them out by all the possible way , at the same time you can also track your family members in a situation where you are extremely excited to hit a cinema hall and waiting for everyone to join , with true Trace put an end to all the suspense about when and where are they , it's a in here at True Tracer .
True Tracer has been built with an excellent GPS Tracking frame work that tells you quickly where your friends and family members are , not only on a map but also with the real time address and the land mark details along with the time as to when they were there .
Feel free and have it run on your friends and family members devices to maintain a close network for sharing your locations instantly and reporting out your where about.
True Tracers works with a first in class GPS Tracking framework that has been developed to track your friends and family members to the most possible accurate location they are at currently . In cases where GPS isint available the framework automatically tweaks and fetches the network location along with the accuracy rate stating how far is your buddy away from the captured location ( usually within 1000 meters in worst case scenario ) , but hey you got them .
Consider installing the application where your dear ones planned for a get together and you've reached the party place first and the rest are either travelling or struck at places where there aren't any sign boards or the weather conditions are bad that they do not know exactly where they or they might want to trick you by saying they are at a location where they are really not . No panic required , True Tracer will make your life easier . Just key in your buddies mobile number (* without country code ) and make no delay in hitting the Trace Buddy button and its a moment of smile you get into ! OK , HERE YOU ARE . I GOT YOU DUDE ! Yes it does what it says .
True Trace it is and yes , real it is ! The most accurate location tracer .

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True Tracer-GPS Mobile Tracker

True Tracer-GPS Mobile Tracker

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