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Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi
Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi


Insta Varanasi is an app which bridges gap between people & events news of Varanasi. This is an effort to comprehensively provide all relevant information about Varanasi in simple and cohesive manner. The layout has been made such that, user will come to know about daily news of the city, along with headlines and most prominent events that has happened globally. Apart from providing news it provides accurate data of business entities near the vicinity of the user. This data is like of Local Shop, Accountants, Lawyers, Hospitals, Doctors and many more. It constitutes nearly all facets & dimension of the city.

Apart from local Varanasi news and information, this app also provides Uttar Pradesh local news, India News and Viral news from different news sources at one place and in Hindi.

Even user can get notifications of important news or something interesting happening in Varanasi. Along with that Viral News provides unique feature which leads user to read what’s trending all over the world. User can comment, share or even upload his thoughts in form of Photos, Videos or articles. The soul motive of the app is to make yourself near to your Varanasi city only just a tap of your finger can open the entire high ways of your city. For people who have left Varanasi city and still care about it can look, see or become the part of the development.

Find all Varanasi news, Varanasi information, Varanasi photos, Varanasi network at one place. Like our Facebook page Insta Varanasi to get more dose of information from your favorite city.

Features are:
1. Varanasi city local news in Hindi.
2. News and Information sourced from different newspapers and people.
3. Uttar Pradesh News, India News and Viral News all at one place
4. Beautiful pictures from around Varansi city
5. Facebook Integration of Insta Varanasi page
6. Upload your own news & pictures of Varanasi city from Upload section

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Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi

Varanasi News : Insta Varanasi



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