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VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS
VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS
VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS
VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS
VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS
VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS


Why is VBlocker SMS Blocker considered the no.1 app?
Are you an individual tired of spam text messages or searching for the best app to block texts? Blocking or minimizing unwanted text messages from individuals one does not like to interact is becoming extremely popular. And many apps for blocking texts have been introduced as a solution app to block text. Nevertheless, when considering the reviews of these apps, it is certain that these apps have not met the expectations of the users due to various reasons. VBlocker was launched to put a stop to all these issues and provide android users a trouble-free mobile experience.

VBlocker app for blocking text sms is guaranteed to be superior to most of the apps since it was designed after conducting a thorough research on over 20 existing apps designed to block text. The new app extracted the preferable qualities and eliminated the glitches of the prevailing apps. Thus, VBlocker SMS Blocker is considered the no.1 in the market in terms of stopping unwanted sms, UIs, app performance and user friendliness!

Unique features of the VBlocker SMS Blocker

Facilitates an unlimited number of blocking – VBlocker app for blocking texts does not limit your block list to a petty number. Experience unlimited freedom by blocking all the numbers you want! Block texts in seconds to get rid of unwanted text messages forever.
• Automatically block text as per spam community database
• Private number blocking
• Block texts by number, sender, series and message words
• Create Whitelist contacts list
• Wildcard Blocking (Start with and ends with)
• SMS Blocking Log
• Auto delete blocked messages
• Identify and Report Spam option
• Password Protection
• Backup And Restoration Capability
• Auto Response Capability
• Export blocked text history to notepad file
• A Range Of Awesome Skins
• Send and Receive MMS Supported
• Priority Support via feedback option
• Supports 42 widely used international languages with Choose Language Option
• 7 days premium edition trial activation
Supports a wide range of Android devices – App is compatible with Android versions 2.3 and above. The special Default SMS app that comes with VBlocker Text Blocker allows you to block spam texts in Android versions 4.4 and above, which is impossible in competitor apps designed to stop spam texts

In addition, minimum number of ads in free version, easy-to-use settings, and highly convenient non-irritating rating and advertisement principals have made a great impression on the all times best text blocker app. Say no to unwanted text messages and help to stop spam texts with the help of VBlocker.

What does VBlocker premium package offer?
The VBlocker Premium Package is ready to deliver a better experience to its users through the following user-friendly features, which are added advantages.
• Zero Ad Policy
• Password Protection
• Backup And Restoration Capability
• Auto Response Capability
• Export History

Hurry up, download this exclusive text blocker and be entitles to the unmatched benefits it offers.

**All your suggestions, comments and issues can be dropped via an email through http://vblocker.net

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Note: If your device runs on Android V4.4 and above, it is necessary to Set VBlocker as the Default SMS app to support SMS Blocking as per Android Framework. VBlocker will be your SMS app for send and receive text messages as well as MMS. Note that this is a limitation from android for all SMS handling apps.

For android versions lower than 4.4, you can use this sms blocker app independently only for text blocking.

Official Android blog on this change - http://android-developers.blogspot.in/2013/10/getting-your-sms-apps-ready-for-kitkat.html

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VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS

VBlocker SMS Blocker Block SMS

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