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VeKtor War


­VeKtor War is an endless space shooter that offers an ever increasing difficulty factor via "Get Rekt'd AI" system. While being fueled by the powerful Unity Engine to amass a simple, yet complex and more robust endless shooter. Blast countless waves of various enemies into VeKtor pieces and sprinkle their ashes among the heavens.

Some random reddit guy said the game was "gr8 b8" and he "r8 8/8". <--- That's a good thing.
­The year is VeKtor-VeKtor-99, and it's totally not a cool place to be while in space, In fact it's downright overruled by a mindless entity known as "The Corporation". Can you be the pilot that everyone else can look upto? Will you be the pilot that will bring down The Corporation? Well... probably not cause it never ends and your logic and attempts are moot.
­Hey, at least you tried though right? Thata boy champ, thata boy. We heard drinking Mountain Stew and eating Dorrotto's helps you focus for those intense hours amassing a high enough score to get on the top of the leaderboard. This is at least what we've witness work for millions of Call of Poodie players.­

Everything is all vector like or more-like VeKtor like. Ya know? Some enemies pew-pew at you while others blast rays at you that are kinda hard on the ears. There's plenty of cheezy graphics and such. I mean we even took good graphics and made them cheezy cause... that's just how we roll.

Hope you like the game and if you made it this far into the description congrats; we also would like to note: we hope you have a good sense of humor here. Since you made it this far and pretty much wasted your time, just download the game already and try it out. Just remember before rating we're a tiny, VERY indie dev team and be kind and... rewind? No, that's not it. Oh well, meh. Just meh.

Shutup Meg!

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VeKtor War

VeKtor War

Lethal Dose Media, LLC.


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