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VR Video SBS Player Free
VR Video SBS Player Free
VR Video SBS Player Free
VR Video SBS Player Free
VR Video SBS Player Free
VR Video SBS Player Free


do not plug in the USB port, just put your phone into VR Gear and play any video it will made a VR environment for
you to land into a new world of excitement. There are a number of movies, video clips saved in our mobiles we can
You might be thinking that what is the video format that can be played in the VR Video Converter SBS 360 to Watch it. Let me tell you there is no limitation for video
Here is an amazing VR Video Converter SBS 360 for Google Cardboard, Samsung Oculus Gear VR. watch
everything in huge theater size through your VR Gear. VR Video Converter SBS 360 can play and convert normal videos
in side-by-side (SBS) mode from your device memory need for all
VR Gear. We are offering a lot modes and features to our user for excitement and entertainment.
it will give you the best experience for watching 3D videos, songs, movies and other entertainment
materials. Virtual Reality video converter with side by side view will entertain you with its growing collection
of dynamic features and modes. select your favorite mode like 360 simulator multiple fish-eye Configuration,
Roof and Cylindrical mode with most immersive virtual reality experience.The best thing about VR Video Converter SBS 360
is that, it can play videos from your mobile gallery, whether they are downloaded or already placed in
your SD card. Through VR Video Converter SBS 360 you can watch high definition videos and movies in different types
format like MP4, MP3, AVI, DVDRip and WMV with high quality media experiences, and even in 360° mode. This Media
Player will explore your environment like you're in the scene, You can use your android phone as an
HD virtual reality Gear by applying Glasses Mode. It will works on any phone, If you want to use it with Gear VR,
formate you can play any video from your device sdcard. VR Video Converter SBS 360 is the ultimate player for virtual
reality and 3D videos that gives you full control and supports all modes. Configure any parameter of our VR Video Converter SBS 360
like DOME mode to 180 and 270, SPHERE(Cylindrical) mode for motion and touch, CROP and PLANE (view normal) mode with Fish-Eye Mode and get
the most immersive virtual reality experience. VR Video Converter SBS 360 with simple UI which is easy to use hope you
guys will never feel any confusion.
App Features

>Unlimited video length supported
>Super view 360° VR
>360º Side-by-side stereo 3D
>Glasses and Normal View
>360° panorama video
>Screen size options
>Immersive 3D SBS
>Full HD MP4 Videos
>Move head up, done, Right, Left
>Superview 360° VR
>Single video
>Fish-Eye support Mode
>Move head up, doen, Right, Left
>Top-bottom stereo 3D video
>Motion and Touch using Gesture
>compatible with device sensors.

How to use:
- Run this application, then TAP ON the arrow icon it will lead you to device gallery pick out your favorite video
and select then video will be played.
- Now from top view select any parameter to apply you best mode like 360 or fish-eye your video will be render automatically
to the specify mode.
- touch to device screen to hide and show Menu.

Photographs used for the icon and screenshots and background resources are under Creative Commons License

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VR Video SBS Player Free

VR Video SBS Player Free



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