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Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
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Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite
Walkmind Lite



This is the most efficient way to study and exercise your memory. All you have to do is recording into audio files all the questions and answers that you are supposed to know in your studies and job. This software is basically an audio player:
1) It allows you to listen to your question
2) Give you enough time to reply and undestard if you already know the answer
3) Then let you listen the correct answer and compare with the one you have already remembered
You will be able to study and exercise all you want and whenever you want. And you will be surprised about the advantages you will get in your life. The software is developed in order to load all the questions and replies you want. The player allows you to stress the questions and replies more difficult to remember or understand.
The design has been devoted in order to allow you to study even if you are not allowed to do.
If you are preparing an interview, a quiz, a test, an exam at school or college (university) try this software.


It is not difficult to get started with walkmind. Download and install the software from Google Play. All you have to do is recording once and for all the questions and the correct answers you need to remember.

1) Record a question into an audio file and save using .mp3 or .wav format. You need another software to do that. For example Audacity is a very good software distribuited as freeware. The question file name should contain the letter "q" in order to specify that the recorded file is a question. For example you can call a question file like this: twoplusthreeq.wav; napoleone_wars_q.wav; english_course_question1q.mp3; last_ten_presidents_usa_q.mp3

2) Record the answer in another file. When you save the file you must use the letter "r" in order to specify that the audio file is a reply. For example you can call the file like this: twoplusthreer.wav; napoleone_wars_r.wav; english_course_question1r.mp3 ; last_ten_president_usa__r.mp3. It is requested to choose the same type of file name for both the question and the answer.

3) Using the app walkmind you can create a folder named "walkdir" into the memory of your device. You can use the app Walkmind to create the folder. This is recommended since the software must know the path of your files.

4) Copy all your audio files into the "walkdir" folder

5) In order to test the software you can copy a set of ten questions and ten replies files into the folder "walkdir" of your device

6) As a common audio player the software need to scan the folder "walkdir" in order to load the files you have pasted in. At the end of the research you will be allowed to start the player and start your work.

7) Using the player you can create a number of topics. For example your topics can be: history, geography, mathematic, geometry, science, english, french, spanish.

8) Each question can be scheduled into a specific topic. This way you will be able to stress the study of just a limited number of topics according to yours deadlines and needs.

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Walkmind Lite

Walkmind Lite

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