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War of Dragons
War of Dragons
War of Dragons
War of Dragons
War of Dragons
War of Dragons


##Top Ranks across 27 countries!! Come Join the War##

"Best 3D flight Game Ever " Larry Beck
"Fantastic graphics" David Easton


Dragon army has come and attack our planet, it's time for you to drive your combat fighter and destroy the dragons.

in our opinion, the game is fun and challenging, especially for those of you who like 3D games, such as aircraft and shooting simulation or game like dragon mania, dragon slayer, dragon simulator, school of dragon, we make it with feeling happy, I hope you also enjoy playing it, why not try to install, let's click on the install button above

You will carry out a mission to destroy the dragons that flew over the skies of your city, use the advanced fighter aircraft and weapons you to shoot down the dragons. careful, the evil dragon will shoots fireball to destroy the your plane, move as quickly as possible, to avoid enemy shots

* 3D graphics
* 8 levels tense game
* 4 choices of weapons (Rocket luncher, basaltic missile, Hervey machine gun, bombs)
* easy control
* Fantastic graphics and sound put you in the heart of the action.
* Inside Simulation of corp-it view
* Auto aim Detection.
* Auto control added.
* Player full control added.
* Several plane controller added.

How to Play:
-Move your device in order to controls the plane.
-Find enemies dragon.
-Target them and save the radar Station.

if you ever play an game wars of the heroes, wars of kingdom, war of duty, and war of glory then you will love this game. The world went crazy - nations are fighting each other. As a real patriot you signed up for the air force, and now it's time for you to show how good pilot you are. Your mission is defend your country - can you do it? Conquer the sky with your propeller and shoot all the enemy war of dragons. You're flying with an F16 by default. A better airplane means faster fly and stronger rocket - which will come in hand during the dogfight in the air.
war of dragons is a classic and popular air battle simulation shooter arcade game. Story happened at Midway during the Pacific Campaign in dragon slayer, Allied engineers developed an dragon simulator, and to put at the Pacific theater. school of dragon Secrets team consists of ace pilot Jack and Intelligencer Anna composition,They was ordered use the new wars of kingdom completed one after another thrilling and exciting task in battle In the game, you will undergo bloody Pacific theater with your fighter, meet the challenges together enemy planes. The enemy aircraft has: war of duty (Magnificent Lightning).
war of glory. The wealthy man hires the services of Expert pilot, war of legions who served during the cold war, a specialist in these sorts of encounters. on the way to destination in his Fighter Jet, he come across unlimited hurdles war of dragons. Let's see how he handles his ammunition on the board and his flying skills to come across all these difficulties. war of legions He needs your help just to take that sweet little girl back to his dad.
So let's help this hero on his way war of clans.
This is a real war of dragons fighter air combat simulation game about the dragon slayer. The best choice for wars of kingdom combat gaming enthusiasts! Achieve your dream of becoming a pilot! war of legions The game contains two scenes: war of duty, war of glory the battle of europe. The game contains, school of dragon, dragon mania, war of nations aircraft variety of classic world war of nations. The real game operation experience, realistic gaming scenes, containing machine guns and cannon weapon effects.Smoke and fire effects arising after the airplane was hit, we will let you immersive.
In the game, you will be driving allied fighter to shoot down enemy war of clans dragons. In the game, you can choose a panoramic perspective or realistic cockpit perspective.

Finally, we wish you enjoy the game!

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War of Dragons

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