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Wash My Clothes
Wash My Clothes
Wash My Clothes
Wash My Clothes
Wash My Clothes


Emily was doing some Kitchen work when she noticed that her clothes are all dirty! Help her get clean again! Take all her clothes off, and separate them according to their colour. Then wash them, and hang them. While they get dry, do Emily's make up and choose nice clean clothes for her. When she is ready, take the laundry and help her fold them up!

Selena loves to spend as much time in washing as possible. Every day, she wakes up early just so that she can spend all day tending to her beautiful plants and washing. But gardening is a messy job and forces Selena to do a lot of laundry. After a long day of planting and watering seeds, Selena is ready to take a nap. But upon entering the house, she remembered that she had a huge pile of laundry to do. She could really use some help washing her heap of dirty clothes so that she can rest up and get back to gardening as soon as possible. Follow the instructions to help Selena wash, hang dry, and iron her dirty clothes. Once the laundry is done, search her wardrobe for a new cute outfit that she can wear while she finishes her gardening for the day in this fun online dress up game for girls!

Spring is surely Selena’s favorite time of the year because she gets to spend her time in her lovely garden taking care of her beloved flowers! She doesn’t know much about gardening, but she knows which songs are her flower’s favorite and she also knows how to take a good care of them. But Selena’s gardening sessions always end up really bad ‘cause all her clothes get very, very dirty! It happened today again and now cute Selena needs to stop her super fun outdoor activity and move to the laundry room and try to remove the dirt off her clothes. Can you girls help her out? Get this fun online laundry game for girls started, join Selena in her laundry room and first of all help her separate the colorful clothes from the white ones. Then put each pile of clothes in the washing machine and pour the right type of detergent to properly wash Selena’s clothes! Good job, ladies! Now let the clothes dry and meanwhile join Selena in her dressing room and help her find a new outfit for today. Choose a girly-girl dress or a chic two-pieces outfit for her to wear today, then select a new haircut and the right accessories for a complete casual look! Do her make-up as well and then don’t forget to check Selena’s clothes! They need to be ironed and nicely folded so that she can have her favorite gardening outfit prepared for the next, major gardening session! Have a great time playing the ‘Wash My Clothes’ game!

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Wash My Clothes

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