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Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper
Waterfall Live Wallpaper


✬Waterfall Live Wallpaper✬ is the best app that you can choose for your mobile if you love waterfalls. Water means life for us and for our planet and we are always fascinated by it. It represents source of inspiration and wonder. Imagine the amazing sight of flowing water and a gigantic waterfall … you will find all of this in this app. The most known waterfalls on the world like Yosemite falls, Angel Falls , Niagara Falls, or Victoria Falls will be the animated wallpaper of your phone. So install ✬Waterfall Live Wallpaper✬ and start enjoying waterfall animations on your Android™ screen.
What you will find in this app:

- A set of 5 animated wallpapers.
- Fully supported and optimised usability for horizontal orientation screen such as tablet devices.
- Wallpapers of HD quality compatible with 99% mobile devices.
- Optimised battery usage thanks to the standby function.
- Completely free app with no hidden costs.
- Download other 3D wallpapers from “More” button.

Here you will find some of the most breathless and high resolution wallpapers! These free wallpapers will be animated also by water droplets that will flow gently on your screen andy you will be able to adjust their number or deactivate them from settings page and set the new screen saver. We have done all this job just to awe-inspire you with relaxing natural world beauty that only gigantic and wonderful places like waterfalls can give. ✬Waterfall Live Wallpaper✬ is waiting for you to download and touch with your hands the water falls of the world. With just one touch you will control the natural beauty of waterfalls like Yosemite Falls, Angel Falls , Niagara Falls, or Victoria Falls. You will be able to virtually visit Niagara falls, Yosemite Falls or Angel Falls and make this “water falls” your everyday window to nature. A beautiful picture window to the nature like ✬Waterfall Live Wallpaper✬ will make you feel happy every time you will look at your phone. Do you want to animate in the best way your just bought a Samsung Galaxy phone? You easyly do this just by installing this cool app. This new “live wallpaper” comes with the best waterfall images and an all in one solution that include the beautiful Yosemite falls, Angel Falls , Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls from a breathtaking sight. When you admire these images you will feel the need to jump high from a cliff and fly till you splash on the water. On ✬Waterfall Live Wallpaper✬ you can choose your favorite background and your “waterfall wallpaper” will continue to run genuinely on your screen. You can always choose to download other awesome 3D wallpapers by pushing the "More" button. We want you to plunge just once in to the poetry of Yosemite falls and than to the beauty of Niagara falls and Angel Falls and than you will understand the magnificence of these animated and stunning “waterfall pictures”. All of the waterfall wallpapers are HD wallpapers so you will have an astonishing background or screen saver.

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

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Waterfall Live Wallpaper

Waterfall Live Wallpaper



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