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Weight Loss Pledge
Weight Loss Pledge
Weight Loss Pledge
Weight Loss Pledge


Make a pledge to yourself to finally lose the weight and track your progress with the Weight Loss Pledge.

Studies have shown that a key ingredient in successful weight loss is to have the proper motivation. Whether that motivation is financial or in order to fit into a swim suit or an upcoming class reunion or wedding; having a reason to lose the weight is crucial. The Weight Loss Pledge app gives you a financial motivator in order to lose the weight.

Studies have also shown that it is much easier to commit to and lose small increments of weight over a short, repeating time period than it is to have a large long term goal. Instead of setting a goal to lose 50 pounds in the next year, we ask you to set short weekly goals such as "just lose a half pound per week." This is a more realistic goal and if you do that every week, you can see how the results really add up.

How it works:
1. Make a pledge to yourself - "I pledge to lose 1/2 pound per week" (or kg)
2. Set a financial motivator - "If I miss my goal, it will cost me 2 tokens" (approximately $2)
3. Weigh yourself at least once a week and enter your weight.

If you miss your weekly goal, the app will deduct tokens from your account. As you make diet and exercise decisions throughout the week, think about how it will affect the pledge you made to yourself and if it is worth the cost of missing the pledge and ultimately your weight loss goals.

Only you can make the pledge to lose weight and we can help motivate you to get there.

Privacy Policy: This app collects no personal or identifiable information about you. It will not post anything to Facebook or Twitter or spam your friends, however you can brag about your results if you like.

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Weight Loss Pledge

Weight Loss Pledge

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