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What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz
What animal are you - quiz


Find out what animal are you in one of the most funny and entertaining personality and spirit animal quiz game you could try playing on your mobile device.

No matter if you are a dog person, a cat person or if you're not even a animal person, you might had asked yourself one time "What animal am I? What is my spirit animal? or What animal do I look like?", if these are the questions you have been putting to yourself once again today, get ready to find the answer!
Now this is not just a usual What am I riddles which you might had played before, this is similar to other personality test trivia games you will really love, cause here you'll get all kinds of questions regarding your personality, to see what do you like, you dislike, how you'll react to different situations and depending on the answers you give, the calculator will assign you to the correspondent animal spirit profile.

A modern game with all kinds of stereotypical animals characters which are similar to the personalities of people of all types, from the Hipster Frog, to the Cool and Arrogant Fox personality or to the Geek Elephant, here are many more from which you can truly relate to.

- "The Most Accurate Personality Test on the market!" - Sophia Cobelt ♥
- "Great app! I am a wolf!" - Michal Dorian ♥
- "More than the usual online personality quizzes" - Simon Carlisle♥

With a very accurate and sophisticated algorithm this application will decide the animal in you based on the answers you respond, so make sure you answer them honestly if you truly want to find the answer any What Am I questions!

So whenever you are ready to find out which animal are you or even find out which animal is your friend or your match, this animal test will calculate it mathematically and find the animal profile which suits each person's personality best!

Here are a few features you'll find great about this animal personality test:
✔ Tests related to career, psychology, love, emotion, symbolism and art, social life, partner matching, color, shape, food and health!
✔ Lots of fun questions like: What color are you? What food do you prefer? How fit are you? What song you like more?
✔ Very accurate test results and animal personalities profiles.
✔ Many animal profiles or spirits that you are you most like
✔ Intuitive design, big buttons, clean text, easy to read and navigate on phones and tablets
✔ Learn all kinds of things about you in a fun way!
✔ Lots of funny animal pictures with quotes

★ ★ ★ Go on and find your inner animal spirit! ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ Don't forget to write us this personality quiz results you got and let us know what animal are you! ★ ★ ★

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What animal are you - quiz

What animal are you - quiz



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