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WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties
WhereRU@ Events & Parties


WhereRU@ Events & Parties is a social gathering app that helps you have the best night out ever. WRU@ allows you to setup great events and parties, create invites and passwords so that only the people you invite can find your party. Want the world to know about an event? Then why not set it up as a public event. This way everyone will know about that great show or concert your at!

WRU@ also uses your location to tell you what services are available around you. So if you are hungry, fancy a drink and then need a cab home you can do it all from this simple to use app.

And the party doesn’t end there. Got some great photos from your party to share with people? Post them up to your event. You can sure them with everyone or just the people invited to your party. It even helps if you have lost a friend on a night out. Simply find them on the locator section and call them or go to where they are. WRU@ is designed to make sure you and your friends will never be separated on a night out ever again. Don’t want to be found? Then use the filters to say which group of contacts can see you, either friends, family or work.

Got some great photos of the event you setup or the party you had? Then you can add them to your event. Set them to be seen by only the people you invited or by everyone. Either way you can show everyone just how great your night was.

WhereRU@ Events & Parties is the one thing you need to make sure you have on you when you go out. After all its not a party if your not Where its @!

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WhereRU@ Events & Parties

WhereRU@ Events & Parties

Jozo Creative


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