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Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card
Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card
Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card
Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card
Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card


Wirex Wallet – Send and Get Money!

No virtual wallet has satisfied your needs as of yet? You feel like BTC are the future of banking, but can’t see any bitcoin atm in the street, can’t find a bitcoin wallet for Android?

Well, the future is here and its name is Wirex. This virtual wallet serves as an online banking app and a bitcoin card all in one. The comfort for BTC users has just squared – now you can put all your satoshi in your pocket!

Be safe and comfortable as ever with the Wirex wallet! Send and get money with ease and use a virtual card that fits into your mobile device. Download now and become a part of the future of BTC.

Stay Safe with Wirex Virtual Wallet! Send and Get Money at No Risk

Wirex combines the virtues of an online banking app and a virtual wallet, also offering a virtual card that holds BTC on top of traditional currencies.

We present you the safest option for those seeking a bitcoin wallet for Android. We use the latest online security measures to protect your money, your personal information and privacy. When you receive emails from us we will always greet you personally using your name and surname and include the last four digits of your card number.

The access to your virtual wallet is simple and easy, though – you log in using a four-digit PIN, just like at a regular ATM… But we offer a bitcoin ATM!

Bitcoin Card in Your Pocket! Get a Wirex Wallet – Send and Get Money!

Your BTC business has hit a new level of comfort. Now your virtual card will be with your wherever you go. You don’t have to remember how many satoshi you’ve got left – it’s all visible on your bitcoin wallet for Android! A handy bitcoin widget will keep you posted about your finances at all times. You can load your virtual card with just a few clicks.

With the Wirex bitcoin wallet for Android, managing your satoshi gets so much easier. Download the wallet – send and get money without the unnecessary hassle!

Get a Virtual Card and Pay with BTC – You Won’t Believe You Used to Survive Without the Wirex Bitcoin Widget!

The Wirex bitcoin widget will change your life forever. Sounds huge? And rightly so – just imagine transferring your satoshi as easily as you pay with ordinary currencies! The new era is here and holding BTC in your virtual wallet is what defines you as a modern citizen of the Global Network.

Convert your Android device into a real bitcoin card and get a sneak peek into the future – the merry time when traditional currencies are long gone. Download now for your very own Wirex Wallet! Send and get money with no hassle.

Get the Wirex Wallet – Send and Get Money Using Bitcoin!

Sign Up for Your Own Virtual Card Now!

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Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card

Wirex. Bitcoin Wallet & Card



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